Waterproof Terry Towel Mattress Protector – Double

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Product Description

The bed is a crown jewel of any home. We all need sleep to survive, that is a constant that we will always go through and adds to the sheer significance of our beds. We need them. The most important part of a bed is the mattress. It makes up the comfortable, supportive and fuzzy goodness that enhances our time spent sleeping. A mattress is valuable in so many ways, which is why it is entirely valid to protect it. It doesn’t matter what sort of bed you buy; a Waterproof Terry Towel Mattress Protector – Double will always benefit it. We know what the first thing is that pops into your head when you hear waterproof mattress protector, and no, such a protector isn’t usually for babies or young children.

A Waterproof Terry Towel Mattress Protector – Double has various uses and benefits, namely:

  • It provides a protective barrier against dust mites. This is a significant plus point, trust us, you don’t want dust mites in your bed. They are some of the most common causes of allergic reactions, such a wheezing. You can find out more about them here.
  • The protector is non-toxic and baby safe. This is great for homes with children. You don’t want something as ordinary as a mattress protector to represent any harm to your kids.
  • Of course, the protector is waterproof. This is handy in so many scenarios. You can even extend this to something as simple as having coffee in bed. Have you ever seen how terrible a coffee stain looks on your brand new white mattress? Do you want to risk that investment? We don’t either, and that is why this mattress protector – which comes in all bed sizes – is a worthwhile investment.
  • Lastly, you definitely can rely on this mattress to protect a bed in the development phase of your young children. Honestly, this is a topic where you just do not want to compromise.

Waterproof Mattress protector Features:

  • The protector is waterproof and has a breathable membrane that creates a complete barrier against spills and stains. The membrane also protects against dust mites.
  • The hot melt glue used in the manufacturing process is a solvent and formaldehyde-free adhesive, which means there are no harmful carcinogenic properties present.
  • The membrane mentioned earlier is from UREAMAX, which is eco-friendly and toxic free; approved by SGS/ASTM F963 testing.

The protector boasts anti-microbial properties of the membrane. This reduces the chances of an allergic response.


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Facts & Features:

  • Waterproof and breathable membrane that provides a complete barrier against spills and stains
  • Protects against dust mites
  • Membrane from UREAMAX is eco-friendly and toxic free
  • Approved by SGS/ASTM F963 testing
  • Anti-microbial properties in our membrane reduces the chance of an allergic response
  • Hot melt glue contains no solvent or Fomaldehyde,no harmful carcinogenic properties

Width = 137cm, Length = 188cm