Quick solutions for chronic headaches?

Common causes for chronic migraines:

Is a headache a part of your everyday life? Are you used to popping a panado or two down your throat at least once a day in order to continuing functioning and going on with your daily tasks? Perhaps it’s time to examine a few reasons why headaches plague you so regularly and examine a few quick methods to put those migraines to rest. While you may feel your schedule is too packed to try fit in more sleep, sometimes it’s not the amount of sleep you’re getting, but rather the quality and regularity of it. Our bodies run best on rhythms and schedules, and when we disrupt them, our physiology lets us know.

Headaches can be totally debilitating.
Headaches can be totally debilitating.

Migraines are the body’s warning system of something that’s missing, usually sleep, water, or sustainable energy (proper food). If you’re skipping meals such as breakfast or lunch due to a busy schedule, you are inviting migraines, especially as you probably then top your energy levels up with carbs and sugars, causing a high and then drop in your blood sugar levels. A mid-afternoon headache could simply be avoided by eating a more nutritious breakfast and lunch, and avoiding snacking on carbs.

Dehydration is also a large contributing factor to migraines. This might be due to not drinking enough water during the day, or the more subtle cause of high levels of caffeine in your system depriving you of enough water. Our bodies require more on water than we think, our brains being 80% water and the rest of our body about 75%. When you become dehydrated your brain tissue has lost water, causing your brain to start shrinking and pulling away from the skull, triggering the pain receptors surrounding the brain, giving you a headache that simply gets worse the longer you don’t relieve the problem.etail of a cracked earth

Dehydration also causes your blood volume to drop which in turn lowers the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. In response the blood vessels in the brain dilate leading to swelling and inflammation, worsening the headache, which is why you should take a pain pill for the headache while re-hydrating: everything will not be well for a few hours.


Sleep deprivation actually causes headaches due to the body not producing hormones which help regulate our facial muscles, causing them to tense and strain the muscles all over the skull, which in turn triggers a headache. If you are experiencing daily headaches, especially at the back of your skull, then sleep deprivation (as well as stress and tension, which are also caused and exacerbated by not having enough sleep) is probably why. However, research shows that it’s not necessarily the amount of sleep you’re getting (or not getting) that causes the headaches, it’s the quality of sleep. If you don’t get enough REM sleep, then your muscles tense. So if you feel that you can’t possibly squeeze more sleep into your schedule, don’t worry, that might not be what you need. You might rather need to focus on upping your quality of sleep, ie, making sure you aren’t disturbed, so that you can go through a few full sleep cycles and get REM sleep. How can you do that?

REM doesn't just happen!
REM doesn’t just happen!
  1. Make sure your mattress is supporting your back and relieving pressure points. If you’re tossing and turning because your mattress is too firm, your sleep won’t be as deep as it should be, since during REM sleep your muscles need to totally relax. If your mattress is sagging, the nerves in your vertebrae are being pinched, causing pain and uncomfortable sleep, and once again, you don’t fully relax your muscles. If your mattress is more than 10 years old, chances are that it’s sagging somewhere in the middle around the sides, and no longer cushioning your pressure points.
  2. Make sure your pillow isn’t too high or too low. If it’s too high, it will strain your neck upwards, adding to muscle tension and causing you to wake up with a headache and even possibly snore. If it’s too low, your neck muscles aren’t getting the rest they need.

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