Rest Assured Beds

Rest Assured beds are known world-wide for their top quality spring beds and mattresses. Spring mattresses in general boast many positive points. Because of their extra firmness and bounce, spring mattresses are best for active sleepers that change positions frequently during the night. They are also able to support a considerable weight easily and still be extremely durable and last for many years. No chemical odours are let off by spring mattresses and they are wonderfully low-maintenance. The springs make the mattress very airy and breathable, thus staying cool no matter your body temperature. They also offer excellent overall support to your back, maintaining good spinal alignment.


The different Rest Assured bed ranges have different good qualities and characteristics, as they are each made of a unique spring/coil system. Let’s take a look at these three outstanding ranges…

  1. The Matrix infinite coil range mattresses are made of one long length of wire coiled into many separate coils from head to foot of the mattress. The more pressure applied down onto the springs, the greater the response upwards. This ensures excellent support and durability, and gives you the perfect sleeping posture as it moulds to your body and reduces pressure points. Because of the spring system, these mattresses don’t sag at the edges and have a no-turn technology.
  2. Heritage Bonnell coil mattresses have hourglass-shaped coils that give an equal distribution of tension and when pressure is applied to the, it is distributed down each coil, not outwards. These firm, durable beds combine quality, affordability and comfort, leaving a smile on your face for years.
  3. The Evolution pocket spring range has extra strength in its springs because of the steel being treated by an electrical process. Each coil is wrapped in it’s on individual fabric pocket and all the pockets are glued together. Because each spring can move independently of its neighbour, there is a zero-movement transfer, meaning sleeping partners don’t wake each other easily with their tossing and turning during the night. These mattresses mould to your specific body contours and offer great sleep support and posture.

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