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With humble beginnings in 1979 in Cape Town, the Rest Assured beds manufacturing brand has built up a stable and reliable reputation and expanded its operations in some of South Africa’s major cities such as Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. The Rest Assured brand is a standalone brand that manufactures everything that is needed to create a superb bed that is both a high-quality product and a comfortable product. Giving each customer comfort and support are two goals that this bed manufacturer aims to achieve with every bed made.

Everything that is within the Rest Assured bed range is manufactured by Rest Assured. Quality is a guarantee with every product manufactured. The beds created under the Rest Assured name are suitable for a variety of people and a variety of different needs. The needs of each person change according to their ages, lifestyles and of course their bodies. The beds in the Rest Assured range are designed to suit a number of different needs and are especially great for those who are looking for a bit more support and comfort. Each bed in the different ranges of Rest Assured beds are all unique in their own way as they are all designed to meet different needs.

Rest Assured Mattresses

Rest Assured mattress has three main types of spring support that are unique to each Rest Assured bed range. The three types of spring support are the Matrix Infinite Coil, the Heritage Bonnell Spring and the Evolution Pocket Coil.

The Matrix Infinite Coil is designed to conform to the shape of the sleeping body to give the body extra support. Rest Assured is the first certified matrix infinite coil sleep manufacturer. The Matrix Infinite Coil reduces the amount of pressure placed on pressure points that come into contact with the bed. The Matrix Infinite Coil is able to reduce the pressure points because the spring systems are able to spread the weight of the body evenly across the bed and by doing this it prevents the tossing and turning of the body during the night to ensure a more comfortable and disturbance-free sleep. The beds that come with the Matrix Infinite Coil also have edge support.

The Heritage range of Rest Assured beds are able to provide firmer support for those who sleep on it. The bed has hourglass shaped springs and these springs along with reconstituted firm foams and fibers ensure that the bed will conform to the sleeping shape of the body and give the body continued and consistent support and comfort throughout the night. The quality fibers within the bed are affordable, which makes the bed affordable, and they are guaranteed to give the sleeper the best possible night of rest.

Rest Assured

Finally, the last range of Rest Assured beds comes with the Evolution Pocket Spring system that is great for those who share their beds with a partner. Tossing, turning and moving around during the night contribute to many couples having restless nights, but when investing in one of these beds a couple will no longer have to worry about waking each other up with their nightly movements. The Evolution Pocket Spring bed has a spring system that allows each spring within the bed to move independently when pressure is applied to it. Each spring is placed into individual fabric pockets.

A Rest Assured bed is a high-quality choice in bed and it is also a durable, long lasting investment.
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