The sounds coming from your sleeping partner can be more than convincing that they are having a wonderfully peaceful time in dreamland… and that you are not!! More than anything else, snoring is simply one of the most annoying sounds on earth, and most of us just see it as such. But is there more to be said and done about this unfortunate condition? What can be done?



Snoring has a variety of causes – from a simple cold to a hereditary gene. Most common is the problem of having extra tissue in the throat that causes vibrations. This extra tissue could be caused by obesity, but enlarged tonsils, large adenoids, a long soft palate or genetic factors can also be a reason for a narrowed airway. Allergies, blocked sinuses and a cold can make one very congested and makes you feel stuffy, and if you lie on your back it only worsens the condition. Another factor that increases your chance of snoring is taking alcohol, smoking or taking another form of stimulant right before you go to bed. They relax the muscles in your body, including those of your airway, making it narrower.

Although the impact of snoring is generally never that serious, there are definitely some bad effects. The snorer and their sleeping partner will become sleep deprived, leading to daytime irritability, drowsiness and lack of focus. On a more serious note, the snorer has a greater risk of high blood pressure, certain heart conditions and even having a stroke.


The different treatments for snoring are mostly quite minor adjustments that need to be made in one’s lifestyle. Maintaining a good weight and following a healthy diet is always a good idea. Try sleeping on your side or finding the right pillow that is maybe slightly higher, as this prevents your tongue from partially blocking your throat and helps that you don’t become so congested if you have a cold or blocked sinuses. Avoid alcohol and sedatives right before bed and cut down or quit smoking. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated.


I hope there are now a few more restful nights for you and your partner!!