Simmons Beautyrest

The Mattress Warehouse has the best prices on Simmons Beautyrest stock.Give us a call on 0861007000 for expert advice on your new original pocket coil bed.The Mattress Warehouse stock the complete Oxy Plus range and the top of the range imported Simmons Beautyrest Crescendo Legacy Bed.The Cresendo is considered by most bed experts as the “Rolls Royce” of beds in South Africa.

In the World Class range we stock the Superior firm, Ultra firm and Luxury beds.These beds are popular choices for the heavier than average person.

Our best selling Simmons currently is the BackCare 5 with five different firmness zones across the length of the mattress for extra support on important areas of your body. For example the part where your hips lie on a bed would need more support than the part that supports your calves thus the 5 different zones, because of this unique feature on the Backcare 5 it is a very popular option for people with back problems.

The most affordable Simmons beds are the Classic Deluxe and the Classic Plush within the Classic range.These beds are also original pocket coil base sets with the do-not-disturb feature.

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Other Simmons models:

Simmons HealthSmart Pampertop, Legacy Pocket Spring, Zivar Pocket Spring, Argento Ultra Firm Pocket Spring.