Simmons Beds – Helping everyone sleep well

Almost 200 years ago, the creators of Simmons beds started a company that would to this day manufacture the types of beds that are still loved the world over. A luxury bed for anyone, the Simmons range continues to produce the type of bed that anyone can afford. And they never skimp on quality. Creative thinking and a dedication to innovation is what has helped catapult this company forward. This is a leading bed company and not just South Africa. Simmons beds is known the world over. With quality and innovation a part of every bed that they manufacture, Simmons Beds guarantees a wonderful night of sleep each night.

Simmons has a long and interesting history
Simmons has a long and interesting history

It all started with a patent

In 1870 the original owner of the Simmons Bedding Company, Zalmon G. Simmons was owed money by a man holding onto a patent that would change the bedding world. That patent was given to Mr Simmons in return for payment and it helped him launch a company to make beds with woven wire bed springs. 6 years after the launch of the company, Simmons was mass manufacturing his beds and they were selling incredibly well. Selling quality beds at incredibly affordable prices helped him to make his mark, which would later boost his company and lay the ground work for a hugely successful company.

As with all industries, changes were to be expected. And in 1889 the spiral coil spring came onto the market and again changed the industry. Simmons used this innovative new technology to lower the prices of their beds, again making them more available to their growing market. 10 years after this innovation hit the market, Simmons joined forces with the North-Western Wire Mattress Company. Together they became the biggest bed manufacturing company in the world.

Bed springs have come a long way since the inception of Simmons
Bed springs have come a long way since the inception of Simmons

The Simmons Bedding Company might have come from incredibly humble beginnings and since then it has certainly grown to a leading manufacturer responsible for selling beds to happy clients found all over the world. Along with being responsible for introducing the king and queen size beds to the market, they continue to make leaps and bounds with their innovation.  Simmons Beds are still incredibly affordable and they are made of only the very best quality materials.

Simmons Since 1889

A family company, Simmons has always had an eye on expansion which is what started their domination of the market. In 1910 the company began its domination of the markets overseas. In 1916 the company pushed a marketing campaign that saw it being introduced to new customers across the USA. And just 3 years later the company opened up 9 new manufacturing plants. Some of these factories extended as far north as Canada where the eager customers happily began supporting this new bed brand.

Modern mattress companies learned a lot about marketing and selling beds from the techniques employed by Simmons. Their innovative marketing techniques changed the way that beds are sold and helped to simplify the buying process for customers looking for quality beds. Making it easier to buy beds meant that more people could afford to invest in a bed that would last them a great number of years.

Simmons Beds are incredibly popular and they are available from MyNewBed
Simmons Beds are incredibly popular and they are available from MyNewBed

But all things must come to an end and in 2009, Simmons saw the end of their many years of success. The company started struggling financially during a global financial crisis and after a change in ownership, and after private investors taking their money, Simmons soon found itself deep in debt. The company was forced to change the way that they handled their finances and after a reconstruction the company declared itself bankrupt. Had this happened to any other company the outcome might have been very different, but Simmons is an innovative company and its strength kept it pushing forward. Luckily, Simmons had a number of friends and to save the company from ruin, Serta bought Simmons and helped them stay afloat. These 2 iconic bed companies are now the proud owners of a massive share of the bed market.

Mattresses that contribute to better sleep

If there is one thing that Simmons is well known for it is that they always provide a fantastic product. Each of the materials that goes into creating these beds is of only the very best quality. And further more, each of the beds are created with your comfort and support for your body in mind. These are just a few of the beds that are available from this legendary brand.

  • Simmons Beauty Sleep
  • Curv
  • Beautyrest
  • Beautyrest Recharge
  • BeautyRest Recharge World Class
  • BeautyRest Recharge Memory
  • Comfor-Pedic
  • Comfor-Pedic IQ

With the very best technology used to make these beds, you will find a selection of beds that incorporate memory foam and coil technology. These innovative technologies have gone a long way towards supporting the sleeper in all the right ways, guaranteeing great sleep night after night.

If a Simmons bed is what you are looking for then the best place to get one is from My New Bed. Our online shop displays a range of Simmons bed options, allowing you to find that perfect Simmons bed. Remember, “We don’t sleep until you do” is their motto, and their promise for a great night sleep.