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With an interesting history dating back to 1870 the journey of Simmons Beds began as a patent being used as a payment. Zalman Simmons took the patent and with the help of a local inventor he was able to create handmade, woven wire bedsprings. By the early 1920’s these mattresses were being mass produced for citizens in the United States of America.

The beds offered by Simmons Beds are SABS approved and they are designed to be not only affordable but also suitable to all types of people, both those who need plenty of support that is provided by a firm mattress as well as those who need less support and will be more suited to having a bed that is not too firm.

Spring Systems

It is often said that the spring system found within a mattress is the most important part of the mattress but this is not always true. These days it is the combination of spring system and foam that defines the bed. The Beautyrest Backcare bed range is one of the most popular ranges within the Simmons Beds products and this is because of the fantastic support that they provide. These beds are designed to support the upper back, the lumber region, the hips, the thighs and the lower legs. With the use of independently moving coils, the body is able to receive the right amount of support each time a person lies down.

Simmons Beds for sale
Simmons Beds for sale

Some beds have a coil system that moves as a single piece which leads to some areas of the body being neglected by the lack of support. The pressure points on the body that can be prone to pain when the mattress is not providing the right support will not experience discomfort with these mattresses. The coils will only react to the pressure that is placed onto them. The individual coil system is going to ensure that your body is entirely supported when you sleep, the coils will yield in only the areas where the body lies. By working this way the mattress will give you complete support and enable you to have a great night of rest.

Foams and Fabrics

The is known for its Oxyplus fabrics and beauty foams. The Oxyplus fabric enables the bed to truly aid your health. This is because the fabric improves your blood circulation and you immune system while it also supports your body completely. This fabric has the added benefit of being able to reduce your stress levels while you sleep.  The beauty foams are going to ensure that you have a complete night of rest that is not interrupted unnecessarily such as with movements of a sleeping partner. The foams and fabrics will work together with the springs to ensure that you will have a good night of rest each night.

Simmons Beds has almost 150 years of experience and the company is dedicated to innovation and providing only the best products possible. They ensure that each of their beds is highly durable and that they are designed to provide only the best amount of support. In order to achieve this goal, Simmons Beds only uses the best materials to manufacture beds.