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We seem to spend so much time and invest so much effort in searching for, testing, choosing and buying a new bed or mattress, that we never stop to think about the name behind the name. There is a history. There is a legacy. There were dreams that turned into a reality.

Simmons is one of the leading bed brands in all the corners of the globe. Their beds and mattresses are of the outmost quality and are highly recommended wherever you go. Founded by Zalman Simmons in 1870, this business has been up and running for over 130 years. The first woven-wire mattresses were mass produced in 1876 and the equipment developed by Simmons in 1925 automated the process of coiling wire and inserting it into individual fabric encasements (pocketed coil), giving rise one of the most legendary bed ranges – the Beautyrest Pocketed Coil.

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Simmons is based in Atlanta, Georgia but also has many international branches. The first international production facility was set up in Monterrey, Mexico in 1925. Simmons came to South Africa in 1996.