How does sleep affect your skin?

Have you ever had just a little bit less than the ideal amount of sleep and wake up feeling, and looking, as though you have had no sleep at all? The difference between getting the amount of sleep that is just right and sleep that is a little less than ideal can be the difference between feeling refreshed and both feeling and looking tired throughout the day.

While you can get away with being occasionally sleep deprived, when you continue to have minimal sleep, it is eventually going to catch up with you. Not getting enough sleep can have an effect on every area of your life. It can affect your health, both mentally and physically, and let’s face it, the feeling you have after a night of bad sleep can be something that you would rather live without.

A few nights of bad sleep is enough to have a profound effect on your skin.
A few nights of bad sleep is enough to have a profound effect on your skin.

One of the biggest side effects of a lack of sleep is going to play out on your skin.

If you already suffer from problematic skin, getting less sleep than you need is only going to make things worse. And our skin can really betray us in the most obvious ways. For instance, after a night of less sleep, the dark rings under your eyes will be a dead giveaway, telling everyone you are not sleeping.

It is not just a lack of sleep that can have your skin in a mess, it can also be bad sleeping habits that are causing all kinds of problems.

7 ways sleep can affect your skin

There are a number of ways that not getting enough sleep can have devastating effects on your radiance. Here is how having bad sleeping habits can affect your skin:

  1. Sleep is nourishment for the soul

And the body, the mind and the skin. Sleep is an amazing aid for all types of ailments. So when you are not getting enough sleep you are immediately depriving your body of the nourishment that it so desperately needs after each and every day. While you are sleeping, your body is at work restoring your cells and clearing the pathways so that new synapses can send blood and cells to the brain to replace the dead cells in your body, according to Rebecca S. Robbins, who is a sleep expert at Cornell University. She says that your brain can get rid of up to 60% of your bodily toxins while you are sleeping, provided that you get enough sleep.

Make sure your skin has the nourishment that it needs by getting good sleep every night
Make sure your skin has the nourishment that it needs by getting good sleep every night

Not only does this replacement of cells help you to feel more refreshed when you wake up but it has huge benefits for your skin as well.

  1. Your skin can easily become dehydrated

Did you know that the amount of sleep you get can impact the moisture in your skin? When you aren’t getting enough sleep, your skin can easily become dehydrated which can contribute to your skin looking older and much less radiant that it should. The pH levels of your skin are exceptionally important and when the pH drops, your skin is not able to produce the amount of moisture that it needs to keep you looking youthful. Drier skin can also contribute to unwanted redness becoming noticeable while also causing the much-detested breakouts. Using a skin care product at night that has a slightly higher acidity while also making sure that you get enough sleep is very important for your skin health.

Everybody requires a certain number of hours sleep, so you need to find the ideal amount for your body and then create a nightly skincare ritual that will suit your specific skincare needs.

  1. Less sleep means dark circles

No amount of makeup in the world is going to hide dark circles if you are not getting enough sleep night after night. When you sleep, your cells are regenerating, and with less sleep, dilating blood vessels cause dark circles to appear. The only way to fix this is to make sure that you always get enough sleep. The moment your sleeping pattern comes right, you will notice that the dark circles begin to fade and disappear.

If you do wake up in the morning with the dreaded dark circles, you will find that there are many products on the market that are designed to reduce the appearance. Realistically, we are not always going to get the right amount of sleep every night, so it’s best to have a backup plan in place for those nights that you don’t get enough shut-eye.

  1. Avoid the alcohol

Nights are for socialising, which means that alcoholic beverages might be on the cards. But having a drink just before bed is not the thing to do if you are hoping to get some proper sleep. This is because alcohol can affect the REM stage of your sleep cycle which in turn prevents your cells from regenerating. This happens when you drink an alcoholic beverage 90 minutes before going to bed, which means that you can still enjoy a glass of your favourite drink earlier in the evening, but be sure to keep it limited. The implications of alcohol before bed include waking up in the morning with dry, sallow looking skin.

Alcohol is best avoided before bed if you want to make sure that your skin stays in a good condition
Alcohol is best avoided before bed if you want to make sure that your skin stays in a good condition
  1. Avoid the technology

For years we have been told that devices like tablets and smartphones, as well as looking at a computer screen late into the night can all contribute to bad sleep. However, many of us are still guilty of looking at computer screens late into the night. Whether it is something that you have to complete for work, or if you are checking up on your social media, the blue light that is emitted from your devices is not only bad for your sleep, it is also bad for your skin because you won’t be sleeping.

If you must work at night, consider downloading a programme that provides a red light instead of blue, this will help your body to keep its melatonin levels just right for sleep.

  1. Think about your linens

Rough cotton sheets with a lower than normal thread count might be the more affordable option to go with, but they are probably not the best option for your skin. The problem with rough sheets is that they can cause your skin to have problems.

500 thread cotton sheets are now available from The Mattress Warehouse
500 thread cotton sheets are now available from The Mattress Warehouse

It might seem like an unlikely contributor to bad skin, but rougher sheets don’t accommodate your body’s nightly movements as easily as your skin needs it to. If your skin can’t slip over the bedding with ease, it can end up pulling your skin, leaving you with wrinkles and lines. Friction with your pillow cases can also contribute to breakouts. Remember that you spend as much as a third of your life asleep, so even if you don’t want to pay out for expensive linens, you need to at the very least find good quality linen. Your bedding is just as important to your skin as your sleep is.

  1. Eliminate stress

When you are stressing the chances are that you are not sleeping very well. The signs of stress will be most visible on your face. When you are stressed out and not sleeping, your body’s internal systems are not going to be functioning properly. This means that you can, within days, start seeing the difference in your complexion while also noticing more spots than you’d normally have.

To eliminate stress, one of the best things that you can do is take up some action-packed exercise. When you exercise, especially after the work day, you are release those feel good chemicals and waving away the stress that has been building up during the day.

Exercise is great for your sleep and great for your skin
Exercise is great for your sleep and great for your skin

Not only is exercise an all-round good thing for you to be doing, but it is also going to help improve your sleep because you will be more tired than when you left work.

Sleep is the ultimate beauty treatment. If you want to refresh your complexion and give your skin a boost, sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself.

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