Sleep, Creativity and Success

Successful people are often happy and focussed individuals. Success does not partner with unhappy and unfocused people. If you sleep well, the result will be a happy and focussed individual. So it is essential that you get enough sleep. In my own life, I have experienced how sleep deprivation can negatively impact creativity and success.

Tiredness is often to blame for bad decisions, test results or even accidents. So lets have a look at how sleeping can imporove your success and creativitry.

Survival Depends on Creativity

In order to survive in the new economic world, one requires plenty of creativity. You can not rush creativity along, neither can you rush success. Many times it is better to simply “sleep on a matter”.

Have you ever experienced how you can solve a problem during the night? So in order to be creative as a leader and as a businessman, it is necessary to function at a high level of creativity. Sleeping boosts creativity and creativity boosts success.

Sleeping and success go hand in hand.
Sleeping boosts creativity and creativity boosts success…

Melissa Burkley, The Social Thinker quoted the following words from John Steinbeck, in her blog, Sleep On it, To Boost Your Creativity:

“It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.”

If you think about the word “creativity” the first thing that comes to mind is art. However, artists and musicians are not the only individuals that create. Neither are they the only creatives.

Creative People:

  • Business People
  • Housewives
  • Cooks
  • Students
  • Instagrammers

Personally, I love Katherine Sabbath, she is a teacher and loves baking. Take one look at her inspiring creations!

“A creative mind can come up with new solutions for new problems, it will also solve old problems with new solutions.”

In order to be imaginative, your brain requires time. Time to process and time to think and improve. Ideas, problems and solutions are all part of the creative mind. A sleep-deprived person will most certainly not be able to be a creative problem solver. I can not imagine a tired person creating a masterwork.

sleeping and success
Getting enough sleep helps you to solve problems.

Well Rested Individuals are:

  • Problem Solvers
  • In Control
  • Successfull
  • Creative

If I am well-rested I am often able to solve fundamental problems as well as new problems. Furthermore, a well-rested person will be able to adjust to life according to new challenges. Questions will no longer rule your life. You will be in control of your life and your environment. Sleep restructures new memory and facilitates extraction of explicit knowledge and insigthful behaviour.

The Prominent Right Brain

Creativity originates from the right side of your brain

A study conducted in 2010 found that the right side of the brain is more prominent during sleep. According to studies individuals that slept before solving a problem outperformed those that were kept awake. 60% of those that slept solved the problem as opposed to only 23% of those that were kept awake.

According to Psychology Today, sleep allows your brain to intellectually restructure information acquired during learning. This results in new and insightful answers.

When You Learn Something New You Should:

Sleep On It!

  • You will be able to apply the newly acquired knowledge in creative ways.
  • The new information will also be clearer.
  • Your understanding and creativity will improve.

Dream It!

Dreams are part of our everyday lives. Daydreaming and dreaming also improve creativity. According to studies, one could indeed improve one’s creativity by paying attention to your dreams. Those that paid attention to their dreams are more creative than those that don’t.

sleeping and success
Why not harness your dreams to enhance your creative side?

So, did you know the creator of Google paid attention to his dreams?

Fact: Google Was Created In a Dream!

According to 15 Famous Ideas That Were Invented in Dreams, the creation of Google can be traced back to a dream! The creator of Google is Larry Page. When Larry Page was admitted to College, he developed an irrational fear. He feared that he was accepted into College because of a clerical error. Furthermore, he feared that he could be kicked out of College at any moment.

Larry’s fears fueled a dream, he dreamed about storing the internet on individual PCs. After the dream, he decided to mathematically investigate if he could make his dream come true. Unfortunately, due to a limited amount of data, he was not able to achieve this. However, he was able to save the individual links. Subsequently, he discovered that he could create a searchable database of links to web pages. This discovery led to the invention of Google.

Keep a Dream Log

It is important to keep a dream log. Thomas Ediso, one of America’s greatest inventors would take naps with steel balls in his hands. If he fell asleep he would drop the balls in a steel pan. He firmly believed that his dreams could inspire great inventions! Who knows your dreams could also inspire great inventions! So, be sure to keep a dream log next to your bed.

Rest Well and Conquer The World

When you are well rested you will feel as if you are ready to conquer the world. In order to learn one has to be alert. Have you ever experienced how active your brain is when you learn something new? This brain activity will continue even during sleep. The reason for this alertness is that your brain is storing new information into your memory. So during the process of learning, you benefit while you are asleep. Sleep is essential for both learning and creativity. Even the humble nap can have many benefits. If you take a nap after some learning your brain will process that information. As the saying goes, let’s sleep on it.

Sleep Hacks

So we have established that it is important to sleep well. Sleeping will improve creativity and success. But how can we improve our sleep? Let’s look at a few valuable yet simple ideas.

sleeping and success
Your bed can lay the foundation for success and creativity…

Invest In a New Mattress

You’ve guessed it! Take a hard and long look at your mattress. Does your mattress suit your sleeping style? There are many sleeping styles, and these days mattresses cater for all of these. A hard mattress may disturb a tummy sleepers rest. Further, a too soft mattress can disturb a back sleeper’s sleep. So, do your research and do not allow a bed to stand in the way of your quality sleep.

Exercise Regularly

Amongst the benefits of regular exercise is that it keeps the brain active. Furthermore, it improves memory and thinking. Regular exercise will also improve your sleeping patterns. So instead of grabbing those sleeping pills before bedtime, try another prescription. Your daily exercise!

If the idea sounds daunting, take it to the test. Keep a log book or simply track your steps with your watch. Excercise is a simple, cost-effective solution to improve creativity and learning. Don’t delay! Start today.

Early to Rise

“Early to bed, early to rise…”

So the well-known founder of CNN, Ted Turner had these words to say about waking up early. Early to bed, early to rise. Work like hell and advertise. Many successful businessmen like Ted Turner will tell you that waking up early in the morning has many benefits. We should pay attention to these wise words. Additionally, keep your early morning routine simple and relaxed.

Early Morning Activities Boosts Success

  • Take a stroll around the neighbourhood
  • Enjoy some quiet time
  • Sit in the garden and watch the sun rise

Bottom line, if you want to taste the sweet fruits of success, and creativity sleep well and rise early!