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Do you love being physically fit? How much sleep are you getting? As you read below you will realize that an indulgent nightly sleep is essential to fitness. Furthermore, an interest in exercise means that healthy choices are the order of the day for you. In that case, taking the next step and setting another new priority should be easy.

The following article answers several important questions about the relationship between your nightly slumbers and your workouts. As you will see, understanding why sleep is essential to fitness is crucial to your athletic performance. Knowing how sleep directly impacts endurance, allows you to upgrade your physical prowess. The studies on athletes in general will clarify matters for you in the details of their results.

Research On Athletes

Associated Professional Sleep Societies carried out studies on the effects of sleep on athletic performance. The studies focused on top basketball and swimming athletes. Their results show that when athletes increase sleep duration, they sprint faster. Ballplayers up their precision by 3 scores for every 12.5 tries. In addition, they hit the ball 5 times harder every 5 hits per 10 tries.

Initial tests on performance were done before the participants implemented new sleep patterns. Thereafter, they increased their sleep duration to 10 hours per night for 6 weeks. How much sleep would you require to perform at your best? As you can see from the results in the paragraph above, sleep is essential to fitness.

Further Insights

Cheri Mah, head of the study, is a scientist at Stanford University.  He says that many athletes in the study understand how much their sleep quality impacts their performances on the field. Furthermore, healthy sleep schedules positively impact their achievements during matches and competitions.

As is the norm, team management places high importance on training and nutrition. However, they tend to neglect the sleep patterns of their teams. Mah concludes that athletes can only possibly be at their best when they implement optimal sleep schedules. As a bonus, the results show that daytime drowsiness is less and overall mood is better with more sleep. Moreover, your mood has an enormous influence on an individuals mindset. Mindset determines a loss or a win. Great rest is of paramount importance when it comes to a desire to excel physically.

Sleep is essential to fitness!

What Happens When You Dont Sleep?

Even the most ardent fitness junkie experiences days when he/she is far too tired to workout. Read on to find out how a lack of sleep affects your workout.

Lose Out On Benefits

Trivializing a great sleep schedule has more impact than you may realise. Aside from the obvious tiredness, there is one highly surprising side effect… Dr Winter is the president of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine. Firstly, he states, for exercise to have excellent positive effects, you have to sleep. Regular sleep deprivation weakens the body and reduces the efficiency of many physiological processes. The processes determine the benefits you enjoy as a result of doing your exercise. Consequently, without sufficient sleep, much of the benefits of exercise fall by the wayside.


Moreover, while you slumber, your body recovers from the demands of the day. Effectively carrying out bodily repairs and building muscle tissue requires sufficient sleep. In fact, not ensuring you get enough rest, leads to a decrease in muscle mass. Diminishing strength also means you waste your workout sessions. In short, no sleep no muscles!

For further clarification as to why this is the case, read on. Essentially, your brain secretes growth hormone during sleep. In children and teens, this hormone contributes to growth. Moreover, HGH maintains muscles, bones and tendons. In adults, growth hormone regenerates cells after exercise, keeping your body strong and youthful. Therefore, with these facts in hand, you can be sure that sleep is essential to fitness!

However, more than 30 percent of the adult population do not ensure they get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours sleep every night. Consequently, 30 percent of exercise enthusiasts  are compromising their physical training. Are you?

The Healthy Cycle

A regular exercise program, in turn, increases the duration of your sleep. As long as you do not exercise far in excess of your abilities, you will sleep better. Exercising in accordance with your abilities leads to a healthy PH balance. Immoderate workouts lead to an acidic system, which is disruptive to good sleep. However, moderate exercise in the morning, decreases acid and increases adenosine. Finally, this hormone promotes sleepiness at night.

Mindset, Sleep and Your Workout

The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine published a study on fitness and sleep. The study shows that the better you sleep, the greater your inclination to remain true to your exercise program.

In addition to the efficiency of your workout, the benefits of sleep impact the initial urge to carry out your exercise. Without the necessary motivation you are not going to be starting your workout to begin with. Furthermore, good sleep patterns make a difference to concentration, mood and focus. Consequently, your workout appears to be easier than usual. Sleep inspires you to greater heights. Conversely, sleeplessness makes the body tire more easily. In that case, exercising to your maximum capacity is not possible. Without sleep, everything feels more of a challenge and your staying power diminishes. So says the European Journal of Applied Physiology.

Getting that extra hour of shut-eye may or may not improve your immediate overall performance. But it will definitely be beneficial in the long run. However, sleeplessness impacts physiological responses aside from the autonomic nervous system malfunctions. Therefore, one thing is certain, less sleep robs you of the motivation and endurance to do exercise. Sufficient sleep is essential to fitness.

Sleep is essential to fitness!

Time For Sleep

Crucially, you must prioritize time for sleep. Sleep is more important than exercise. Although it is preferable that you consistently make time for both, sufficient sleep has far-reaching benefits. So says Dr Winter. Both sleep and exercise are essential to that wonderful sense of wellbeing that all of humanity seeks. Many people so often miss out because of one omission. Placing other desires before sleep is disastrous. Rather watch less TV or set healthier work boundaries so that you can exercise well. It is important to prioritise time for sleep.

Too Tired?

Occasionally, it may just be a case of waking up and feeling too tired to exercise. Unless there is a good reason, you might be feeling sleepy or lazy. In this case, have a cool shower and do that workout. In fact, both will kick start your endorphins. An increase in endorphins energizes you and boosts your mood. However, if you still feel nominally tired, keep your workout moderate, avoiding high intensity or heavyweights.

Alternatively, you may not be getting enough sleep. Make the changes that are necessary so that you can have enough shut-eye so that your workout is easier.

Napping and Resting Between Workouts

Alternatively, power naps before or after your training can be the answer for you. A twenty-minute nap, helps you cope better mentally. However, ninety-minute naps negate many of the side effects of a relatively sleepless night. In that way, a slumber of under 5 hours can be sufficient in the short term.

Furthermore, for people who are new to exercise, it is best to have 72-hour breaks between workouts. Gradually decrease the time in between exercise sessions as your fitness levels increase. Moreover, get deep rests every night, as sleep is essential to fitness. Anytime you feel physically tired upon awakening, increase your sleep time by an hour that night.


Sufficient sleep will provide you with the energy to workout. For all the hard work you put into your exercise, lack of sleep strips the benefits down to the bone. Rather get your sleep schedule into tip-top shape before you spend hours exercising every day. However, get both sleep schedules and exercise routines shipshape as soon as possible. Getting enough sleep is essential to fitness that lasts! Having the benefits of both equates with blissful wellbeing.