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4 Super Cool Themed Kids Beds & Bedroom Ideas

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Ever wondered why it is so hard to get the little ones to go to bed? Are you frustrated by your limited knowledge of how to make downtime a more appealing routine for kids? What if we told you that a little re-decoration with cool bedroom themes may be just the remedy for the evening blues? The Mattress Warehouse offers super comfy kids beds to suit every favourite bedroom theme. So we shared some exciting bedroom decoration ideas that can get your little ones excited for an afternoon snooze or that recharging evening shut-eye.

How to decorate a themed kids bedroom

Decorating or redesigning a child’s room doesn’t have to be expensive at all. In fact, the most typical bed size for kids is the single bed. As it is much cheaper than beds of larger sizes. It allows enough space for the small bodies to move around while sleeping. Furthermore, it also creates more space within the bedroom for an actual immersive experience of your kid’s fantasies.

Also keep in mind, kids love to collect items they consider fascinating whenever they go on outings. So you can tie up these memento items and hang them on a plain ‘interaction wall’ of the room to liven it up. Or hang them up from the ceiling to pose as an alternative to “counting sheep”.

Colour! Having a designated wall or section of the wall for colourful displays or an interactive wall where the kids can harness their creativity and curiosity, is a great way of brightening up kids rooms. Moreover, we all know (and have experienced) the terror of bedroom monsters. And this is why we recommend using lighting of various intensities. Simply scatter glow-in-the-dark stickers on the ceiling. Or make a glowing border along the walls. This may actually turn gruelling actions of switching off the lights or going to the bathroom concepts of enthusiasm. Experts agree that you can keep it simple but compelling with a few easy additions.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Okay, great! But to what actual bedroom themes can I incorporate such great tips?”

Themed bedrooms and kids beds to go with it

Here are a few popular and fun themes to spur your creativity:

The Princess Theme

This little princess is having a ball of a time in her themed bedroom.

Tiaras, coif hair-do, ball gowns, wands and glitter! Every pre-teen girl likes to think of herself as the princess of her own castle. Obviously inspired by the likes of Snow White, Frozen (Elsa), Sofia the First, etc. Bright coloured walls (e.g. bright pink, yellow, purple, blue). White-painted windows. All accompanied by a plush four-poster bed accentuate the ‘regal feeling’ of the room. Add to it a bedazzle of the gold and silver ornaments along the walls. Or a customised wallpaper depicting a castle. Add bright yellow lights, and you have yourself a dreamy royal sleeping nook.

It may also be that not all girls are into the bright, sparkling wands and fairy dust. And that is absolutely fine. Our poster bed also fits in perfectly in the palely coloured princess bedrooms. For instance, lilac or lavender themes like that from Disney animation, ‘Sophia the First’, holding minimalistic yet regal decorations. Though this tone of the princess theme is commonly held by teenage girls. 

Safari, Jungle, Zoo Theme

Animals are kids’ best friends. From the cunning fox and laughing hyena to the gracious, “ginormous” giraffe. And of course, the roaring ‘king of the jungle’- the lion – just to name a few. Toddlers and preschoolers love to learn about all their animal antics and the fascinating sounds they make. What better fit than the Mattress Warehouse’s bunk beds to allow your young ones to mimic climbing monkeys and feel like a part of nature.

There are multitudes of options when it comes to bedding for this theme. Go for simple bedding, with solid colours if you are going to have a vibrant and interactive wall. Like a wall filled with animals and nature illustrations. Or you can have bedding with a heavily illustrated ‘everything jungle’ theme. Then paint your walls with splashes of various shades of greens, greys and browns. Add some inexpensive animal frames or prints, or even some stuffed animal accessories around the bedroom to complete the look.

Sailors & Shipwrecks Theme

Young boys fantasize about being heroes. Fighting the big bad pirates, rescuing shipwrecks and sailing into all kinds of ‘water adventures’. Our cool wooden beds are just the thing to give off the perception of a sleek oak ship, rocking on the waves of an imaginary sea. Add some sea creature bedding and your child will feel like he or she is a real sailor! You can even add thick, knotted ropes on the bed frame, to bring forth the ship deck experience from “Captain ake and the Neverland Pirates”. Of course, for this theme, the colours can range from navy- to azure blue and white, with a touch of brown – perhaps on the carpet and curtains. Several inexpensive shipwreck paintings or magazine posters can be strewn all around the walls. Throw in some artificial hooks and swords, to further accent that adventurous feel of the room.

The Wild, Wild West Theme

“Yeeehaaaw!” At some point or another, you may hear these sounds from around the house during a game of “tag”. Being a cowboy or cowgirl is among one of the most popular fantasies for kids. What better than our durable steel kids beds to feed into their fantasy of horses, trains and wagons? It may perhaps go without saying that plaid curtains or bedding is a must-have! You want to make your child feel like they are in fact living out a “Toy Story” scene.

Dark colours are the main colours for such a theme. Pick brown, deep red/maroon, dark blue, or orange, just to name a few. Perhaps on off-white walls, you can put up picture frames of horses and bulls (either store-bought or handmade). You can even put up some cowboy hats. Jazz it up with some metal horseshoe accessories clanking and chiming by the window. Or litter some make-belief cacti (you don’t want those grubby, curious hands to get pricked by real ones) on the bedsides or by the window sills. Hardwood floors may also give the bedroom a rustic feel.

Create a cute bedroom with themed kids beds

Bedtime or downtime doesn’t have to be such a daunting time of the day for the whole family. With these super cool ideas of themed beds and bedroom decorations, this part of the routine can become a daily highlight for your little ones. You can also rest assured that however you choose to decorate your kids’ room, The Mattress Warehouse has got you covered with our incredibly diverse and comfortable themed kids beds for sale. We’ll even save you the time of picking up the bed by dropping it off at your house, for free. We love to make things like overthinking bedroom decor for kids hassle-free, just for you!

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