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4 Ways a bedside pedestal can change your bedroom

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

With the swing of the seasons comes new spurts of energy to renew and refresh the look of your home. This same transformative-spirit may boost you to refreshing the look of your bedroom.

wooden bedside pedestal nxt to made up bed

However, replacing all your bedroom furniture and changing the colour of your bedroom can turn out to be super expensive! Luckily, there are easier ways to change the look of your bedroom without breaking the bank.

New bedside tables are, for example, the perfect way to refresh the appearance of your bedroom in an (affordable) flash! At The Mattress Warehouse, we have a wide range of bedside pedestals for sale, one to fit every bedroom style. To keep you inspired in choosing the perfect bedside pedestal(s) for your bedroom, we decided to show 4 ways in which a bedside table can change your bedroom.

1) Make it modern

Creating a modern bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank. The classic clean and straight lines of the modernist look bring timelessness and stability into the bedroom. Create this look in your sleep space with the Magaliesberg Pedestal or the Asha pedestal in either Kiaat or Saligna wood.


The timeless look of a modern bedroom will easily last in your bedroom for years to come! Play with solid grey and white tones accompanied by splashes of jewel tones to complement these bedside tables perfectly.

Remember, less is more when creating a modern bedroom. Let the clean lines of your bed and end table stand out when creating this look.

2) Accentuate with naturals

In recent years, the element of raw wood has become super popular in interior design. To bring warm and wooden tones into your bedroom, have a look at our Caribbean 1 Drawer pedestal, or the Harrow Pedestal; both in Driftwood stain.

This trend is, in our opinion, a super timeless look that you can invest in without blinking an eye. Complement the tones of nature in your bedroom by following some other decorating tips. Opt for neutral bedding, lots of warm tones and lay out a woven rug to tie it all together.


A wooden bedside table is also super easy to change, should you get bored of the look after a while. Simply splash on a fresh coat of paint to alter the appearance of your wooden pedestal. You’ll have a brand new looking furniture piece and boast with a brand new bedroom!

3) Add extra storage with drawer bedside pedestals

If you’re living in a small space, it’s easy to transform your bedroom into a storage haven. By following a few simple tips and tricks, you’ll have more than enough storage before you know it. One of these tips entail opting for a bedside pedestal that hosts lots of storage. Here you can stash essentials like medicine, books and midnight snacks to be within an arms reach when you’re in bed.


The best bedside pedestals for storage are usually two-drawer, like the Paris 2 Drawer Pedestal, or three-drawer, like the Charlene 3 Drawer pedestal. Another great option, for both cabinet and drawer space, comes in the form of the Windsor Door & Drawer pedestal.

4) Add a touch of luxury

Creating a luxurious bedroom can take on any meaning, depending on your context. It can be to have extra bedside storage space or to host the ultimate aesthetic look in your bedroom.

When we think of luxury, the Artifex Admiral Pedestal jumps to mind. Available in Grey or Brown, this end table can add a perfect touch of luxury to your bedroom. Moreover, with ample storage space and darker tones, this bedside table gives you an excellent headstart in creating your luxury bedroom.


Complement your bedside tables with contrasting dark and light tones, a thick rug and some plushy scatter pillows. Finish off the luxurious look with a heavy throw and splashes of jewel tones here and there.

Bedside pedestals and tables to change your bedroom

As you can see, you don’t have to buy a furniture set to create a complete look in your bedroom. Start off with a basic mattress and bed base as your blank canvas. From there, you can do so much more with a simple bedside pedestal and inexpensive decor.

Didn’t see any bedside tables you loved in this post? Not to worry! We have a wide range available for you to browse if you click here.

If you’d like some more tips and advice, feel free to click on over to your blog, or contact our friendly sales team. They’d be more than happy to help!

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