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5 Ways to Use Wooden Headboards in a Bedroom

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Wooden headboards are not going out of style any time soon. Wood has been used to make headboards pretty much since headboards were invented and it is still one of the most common materials in headboard manufacture. So if you are thinking about getting a wooden headboard, you can’t go wrong! Just keep on reading to get some inspirational ideas on bedroom decoration from The Mattress Warehouse. On the other hand, if you are on the fence about wooden headboards, here are 5 ideas that might help you make up your mind.

How to decorate with wooden headboards

Before we get into serious decoration mode, let’s first take a look at the different types of headboards. There are basically four main categories:

  • Wooden headboards
  • Metal headboards
  • Upholstered headboards
  • Leather headboards

If you want to learn more about the other headboard types, check it out here. But seeing as you want to know specifically about wooden headboards for sale, let’s double click that.

How do you decorate with a wooden headboard?

There are various bedroom decorating styles and you can make a wooden headboard fit into pretty much any one of them. Whether you are going for a rustic look, boho-chic vibes or classic farmhouse style, a headboard made from wood will fit right in there. The secret is, you just need to find the right headboard. For a rustic feel, bulky is good. Looking to go boho? A wooden four-poster bed is perfect!

So wood is good, sure. Talk is cheap. But how can you make your room look good if you have a wooden bed? Glad you asked. Here are some cool ideas on how to utilise a wooden headboard to the max.

1. Ocean on your doorstep

Whether you stay on the coast, have a home away from home by the sea or just want to be reminded of the beach, a wooden headboard is what you need. To make your room feel coastal, get a faded driftwood headboard like the Driftwood Cayman depicted below. Whitewash the walls and make one wall stand out with patterned blue wallpaper. You can add some more splashes of blue with an extra pillow or two or a throw blanket to get that beach cottage feel. Moreover, you can always put some nautical themed art on the walls.

Driftwood headboard

Driftwood headboards are the natural choice for your beach bedroom

2. Make those bold patterns & fabrics pop

If you are a colourful and extravagant person that like bold patterns and contrasting colours in your bedroom, you can definitely use a wooden headboard to your advantage. You have one of two options, either get a carved headboard with textured patterns or get a neutral headboard that will stand out against the vivid backdrop that is the rest of your bold bedroom. A simple white headboard like the Whitewashed Cayman is a great option as the white will hold its own against wild patterns and bold colours.

Simple white wooden headboard depicted

An elegant and simple option can stand out and add wonderfully to your bedroom aesthetic

3. Vintage antique on a budget

If you are working on a strict budget but you just have to get a new headboard, go shopping for antiques to give your bedroom a vintage vibe. DIY wooden headboards are also a thing. Using cheap pallet wood, you can still create a good looking, sturdy headboard that makes a statement. Compliment the classic look or DIY headboard with some vintage photographs and old-school bedlamps. Adding a quilted throw at the foot of your bed and a wooden stand mirror to the mix will round off that antique air.

4. Make it a modern farmhouse

The farmhouse “cottagecore” look is very much in style at the moment. So if you are on that bandwagon, no one can blame you! Whitewashed headboards or rugged, wooden headboards go well with this style. Add wooden bedside pedestals to the mix and a wooden chest at the foot of the bed to complete the look. Neutral, earthy colours usually go well with this style. Try opting for beige or grey extra pillows and curtains and put an old rocking chair in the corner. It doesn’t get more farmhouse than that!

Whitewashed wooden headboards with gaps between the upright slats.

The whitewash and gaps between the slats give the Bayside Headboard a distinctly homemade appearance, which goes well with a farmhouse feel

5. Minimalist accent & contrast

Clean lines and clear surfaces create that uncluttered minimalist aesthetic. And if that is what you want in your bedroom, a plain wooden headboard compliments it perfectly. Don’t have too many extra pillows on your bed and use a bedside table with drawers (like the modern design York Pedestal) to keep the surface clear of clutter. Use light coloured linen and, if you like contrast, put a simple black rug on the floor or use a black wooden headboard to create a stark contrast in the room.

Wooden headboards for sale

As you can see, wooden headboards are quite versatile and can be used in various bedroom decorating styles – from farmhouse to modern and everywhere in between. So head on over to our headboards section and see if anything catches your eye. And if you live close enough to a big city centre, delivery is on us.

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