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A little bit about Silentnight.

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Silentnight mattresses are where I originally fell in love with memory foam. They aren’t shy to pile the stuff on! A hybrid mattress is one that uses both springs and foam for support. Silentnight mattresses use a continuous coil system that they call the Ergo Coil as their core, with thick layers of supporting foam and memory foam comfort layers, and they aren’t shy with the memory foam! I think Silentnight is one of the few mattresses, along with the South African Genessi, that one can actually see a body imprint in the memory foam, and see the foam slowly rise back to its former position.

The body imprint is normal and helped the memory foam cushion your body

The body imprint is normal and causes the memory foam to cushion your body

Silentnight’s lavish amounts of memory foam on their mattresses make them really comfortable to lie on, and reminds one of what memory foam is supposed to be doing. If you’re the type that buys memory foam toppers for your mattress, next time just buy a memory foam mattress that really does the job: Silentnight. The nice thing about hybrid beds is that you get the support you want from the coils, but the cushioning foam feeling at the same time, with much less sag than a totally foam mattress such as Genessi.

silentnight memory foam

Silentnight’s memory foam is all gel-infused for extra cooling. Their method is to add the gel as part of the memory foam manufacture, rather than using gel beads. The gel adds to the density of the mattress too, making it more durable and supportive, and of course, cooler. Memory foam has been accused of being hot to sleep on, but a lot of that also depends on the foam’s manufacture. Open-cell memory foam will conduit warm air away from the body and out of the mattress more effectively than closed cell memory foam. Coupled with the gel, open-cell memory foam is basically the same as a coil mattress, especially when the core of the mattress is coils, like Silentnight.

cool and comfortable

cool and comfortable

The material used on Silentnight mattresses is also quite interesting, as it has silver particles woven into it. The silver is antibacterial, and repels insects, like mosquitos, keeps the mattress bedbug and dust mite resistant, and is even healthier for the sleeper. They also have a couple of mattresses with a bamboo fabric ticking. The bamboo fabric is breathable and gives a natural scent, rather than a chemical one, which large amounts of memory foam can be prone to doing. The fabric is soft and very comfortable to lie on. The bamboo is also insect repellent and the like.

This is inside your bedroom

This is inside your bedroom

Silentnight mattresses are soft, extremely supportive for the lower back and pressure points, and generally all-round comfortable mattresses. They have all the characteristics of memory foam, including moulding around your body for support under every area, superior pressure point relief, and zero motion transfer, but all the coolness of an innerspring mattress. If that sounds like the mattress for you, call us today on 0861 007 000 today, or order online at our easy checkout. We do free nationwide delivery and guarantee the lowest prices on our leather headboards and other bedroom accessories to go with any of your Silentnight mattress purchases. Happy sleeping!

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