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Baby Mattress Buying Advice for First-time Parents

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

You’re excited and anxious all at once. It’s your first time and you want to get everything right. Right? That’s completely natural. Let’s face it, having your first baby is kind of a big deal. More like one of the biggest deals ever! And that’s why you want to get the best baby mattress (and everything else) for your firstborn. But you’re probably not sure exactly which mattress is the best, are you?

Don’t worry, we’ll help. The Mattress Warehouse have years of experience in helping thousands of first-time parents to find the best baby mattress for sale (at the time). So if you want to know if your baby needs a special mattress and what constitutes a good mattress for a baby to sleep on, keep reading.

What is a baby mattress?

As the name suggests, a baby mattress is a mattress that is made specifically for babies. Furthermore, there are two distinct features that set it apart from adult and toddler mattresses:

  • Size – It should fit snuggly into a baby cot. Typical cot mattress sizes range between 163×66 cm and 140×70 cm. Innerspring mattresses are typically thicker or deeper than foam mattresses.
  • Firmness – Mattresses for babies must always be firm (more on that in a minute).

Why does your newborn need a baby mattress?

To sleep on.

No, seriously. Babies don’t just sleep anywhere, so it is best practice to create a safe and stable sleeping environment for them. By that we mean that there should be a routine and your baby should preferably sleep in the same spot every day. So if you have a baby bed, it is just a lot much easier.

Moreover, while co-sleeping has gained momentum in recent years, your baby shouldn’t share your bed on a permanent basis for the first year of their life. We know you want nothing more than to cuddle your cute little human but the experts agree that your baby’s first mattress is a very important purchase so you should aim to get the right kind. So for their safety and your peace of mind, a baby mattress is the way to go.

What every newborn needs from their mattress and cot

Now that you know what a baby mattress is and why you need one, let’s zoom in on what your baby needs from his or her mattress:

3 baby mattress non-negotiables

Whatever you do, try to get a mattress for your baby that adheres to these principles:

1. Firmness

Your baby needs a firm mattress to sleep on. Not medium, not plush, but firm. Your newborn does not have the strength or coordination to turn around easily. And so, if he or she somehow manages to turn over onto their face the mattress should not contour to the shape of their face because that might lead to suffocation.

Tip – When putting your baby to bed, put him/her on their back.

2. Breathability

Babies make oopsies all the time. And sometimes a nappy just isn’t big or absorptive enough to contain the spill. So you want them to sleep on mattresses that are breathable and will dry out quickly after an accident occurred. This will also decrease the likelihood of mould growing in your newborn’s mattress.

3. Fit

The mattress you get for your baby must fit snuggly into the cot or baby bed that your young one will sleep in. You don’t want the little one to accidentally get an arm or leg stuck in an opening between the cot’s railing and the mattress’ edge.

For more info on types of baby mattresses, check out this article.

Critical must have’s for baby cots

A baby cot in a dark room. There is a baby sleeping in the cot and a blue light casting starry patterns on the dark wall.
Your baby cot should have upright bars to ensure the safety of your newborn

Having a mattress for your baby to sleep on is great and all, but you need someplace safe to put that mattress. Putting it on the floor is not ideal, as your newborn will inhale a lot of dust and pet dander (if you have pets), which will lead to allergies and less sleep for everyone.

The perfect solution? A baby cot.

Here are some guidelines on picking the right cot for your young one.

Safety Standards

Make sure the cot is sturdy and that, if it has moving parts, they can lock out easily. Before putting your baby to bed, ensure that all moving parts are securely locked in place. We already mentioned this, but we’ll say it again because it is important. Make sure the mattress fits tightly into the cot so that your baby can’t get stuck between the cot and the mattress.

Spacing between uprights

The upright bars should be close together so that your baby’s head can’t fit, and subsequently get stuck, between them. The maximum space between two upright bars should be no more than 6.5 cm.

Can a baby sleep on a regular mattress?

If the mattress has a very firm comfort rating, if nobody else sleeps on it and if it is in the same room where you sleep, your baby can sleep on a regular mattress.

That’s a lot of ifs.

But if one of those conditions aren’t met, then the answer is no. It is recommended that you and your newborn sleep in the same room without sharing a bed. Moreover, every time you or your partner turns around, your baby might wake up, which leads to bad sleeping habits and less sleep for the entire household. That’s why getting a specialised mattress for your baby is probably your best option.

Baby mattress for sale: you buy and we’ll deliver

You can see why having a mattress specifically for your newborn is important, right? So why not get one right now? If you buy one from us, we’ll bring it to your doorstep. It doesn’t get any easier. Go ahead, browse our range or check the baby mattress price to get peace of mind and a safe spot for your baby to sleep in.

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