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Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

The Mattress Warehouse offers great quality sleep products than any other. We offer excellent service and expert advice. The Mattress Warehouse has a wide variety of products such as Cloud nine, Edblo, Rest assured, Universe bedding and Simmons. And all different sizes, single, three quarter, double, queen and king size. For the taller person out there we have extra length available.

The Simmons story began in 1870 when Zalman Simmons accepted a patent for a handmade woven-wire bedspring as payment for bad debt. Simmons then assigned a local inventor and in 1876 manufactured the first mass produced woven-wire mattress. Simmons’s century-long commitment to the philosophy of better sleep through science has a wonderful range. 

For more details visit  or dial us at 0861 007 000

We deliver nationwide.

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