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Bunk Beds Will Make Your Kids Smile!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

bunk bedsYour children’s room is always incomplete without bunk beds, especially when you have more than one child. Your children’s room needs to be spacious; so that they can play and have fun in their own room. A bunk bed will not only save space, but will also accommodate more than one child.

What are bunk beds?

Bunk beds are actually designed for children’s room. It carries mostly two beds, in which one bed set is stacked onto the other one. This compact bed saves space, and makes more room for the children to do various playful activities. So, it is ideal for areas having limited floor space, like it is widely preferred

  • On ships,
  • In dormitories,
  • In hostels,
  • In prison cells,
  • Summer camp in cabins,
  • Most importantly in children’s room.

Usually two people can sleep on a bunk bed, but in case of triple bunk beds more than two can also use it.

Design of Bunk Beds

The upper bed of bunk beds is supported by four pillars, with one pole at each corner. In order to reach the upper bed, a ladder is used. In order to prevent from falling, the ladder usually carries a railing. However, the upper bunk should not be used by people under the age of six years, due to the security issue.

Types of Bunk Beds

There are basically three types of bunk beds, i.e. the standard bunk bed, the loft bed, and the triple loft bed. All three types of bunk beds are described below:

  • The Standard Bunk Bed

It is the most common type of bunk beds preferred by parents, especially if they desire to buy it for two children. It is made up of two similar sized mattresses, stacked directly onto one another. Some widely prevailing standard bunk beds are twin over full bunk bed and L-shaped bunk beds.

  • The loft beds

This type of bunk beds carries only one bed, usually on the top, while the underneath area can use to make drawers, chest, or any other work area. This allows the small areas to be used more efficiently. However, some loft beds are quite expensive as compared to other bunk beds. This is because loft beds carry other built-in storage capacities as well.

  • The triple loft beds

The triple loft beds carry three bunks. In this particular type of bunk beds, the loft bed is attached in a perpendicular manner to the bunk bed. This makes an L-shape.

Some popular bunk beds

The market is fully stocked by a number of bunk beds. You can choose any bunk bed as per your budget, or savings. You can go for a cheap or a luxurious one. However, if you want a fascinating bunk bed for your children, be prepared to pay some extra. Some of the most sold bunk beds all over the world are described below:bunk beds

  • Charlene Bunk Bed and Toy boxes

This quality Charlene bunk bed is manufactured by using radiate timber gathered from sustainable forests. This extraordinary looking bunk bed can actually add a wow factor to your children’s room. Its price is about R4999.00.

  • Tri Bunkbunk beds

This quality tri bunk is built by using radiate timber, gained from the sustainable forests. You can get it in various varieties of colors, including chestnut, rustic, mahogany, Oregon and white. This is more suitable for three children. You can get it at R5189.00.

  • Orange Kids Double Bunk

This orange double bunk will make your children’bunk bedss room more stylish than ever! It can accommodate two children. Moreover, the drawers and the wardrobe, attached underneath the bed make it more economical. You can also have a desk and chair along with this orange double bunk, but it’s totally optional. Its price is about R15399.00.

Bunk Beds for Sale

Decorating your children’s room requires a lot of attention. Every parent desires to have the best possible quality products for their children. However, in order to buy quality products, you need to have a sufficient budget. Accessories for your children’s room are very costly sometimes. You must make some savings beforehand.
In order to buy an alluring bunk bed for your children, you need to visit some reputable, large chains supplying bunk beds. In order to do so, you can also call your local stores supplying bunk beds. However, if you order a particular bunk bed for your children’s room, so don’t hesitate while paying extra. Good bunk beds, especially if it is ordered, will surely cost you some expense.
Bunk beds for sale can offer you bunk beds at a fairly less price. So, if you know about the bunk beds for sale, avail the opportunity, go and look for a perfect one for your house. You can also search for sale on the bunk beds on some online websites. These websites are doing the job of providing bunk beds from various brands, of different sizes.
One such website is The Mattress Warehouse. You can analyze various bunk beds from different brands through this website. By comparing the features, including size, brand, price, color and style, you can make a better a choice as to which bunk bed is more suitable for your children.
Moreover, the retailers on this website will also guide you in the best possible manner, so as to which bunk bed is more suitable for you as per your need and your budget as well. By signing up with the website, you can take full guidance from the retailers regarding the bunk beds for sale and other packages available. By buying a particular bunk bed from a sale, you can surely cut down the cost of buying to some extent.
If you desire to buy bunk beds in bulk, especially for hostels, ships, prison cells, etc., then the bunk beds for sale are the best option available for you. From the sale of the bunk beds, you can get a number of bunk beds at a fairly considerable price.

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