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Choosing The Right Bed Frame As We Age

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

As our bodies age, it turns out to be more essential for us to care for them. We will have to find the correct bed frame for us to sleep properly at night. Mattresses which don’t give the right levels of solace and support can transform the odd throb and agony into long-term inconveniences. And in case we’re not getting the appropriate measure of rest every night, we will often fall sick and easily irritable.

The Better Sleep Council has the recommendation that mattresses have a lifespan of around seven years. With that being said, any mattress that is more than seven years will not bring the comfort it should.

There’s literally nothing diverse about picking a bed frame whatever age you are. It’s just a question of steeds for courses. The best wager is to go to The Mattress Warehouse and address one of our specialists about testing out what we have on offer.

They’ll have the capacity to guide you to the right makes and models for your financial plan and you can try them in store. Also, in case you’re purchasing for you and your accomplice, you must discover something which suits you both. It will take both of you experimenting with what’s on offer.

Bed Frame And Well-Being

If you experience the ill effects of endless diseases and conditions, then you’ll know the critical part it plays. You should always make your own health as the first priority when it comes to finding the perfect bed frame for yourself. Never settle for a bed frame that will only give you the luxurious feel to it. Find the one that will comfort you.

When you chat with the expert, ensure you let them know any issues you may have. If you have back pain issues, do let them know. If you are uncomfortable lying in a king sized bed, do let them know too. They will be able to guide you through and show you the best choices of beds.

Bed Frame and Back Problems

One of the most generally perceived disorders as we age is torment in the back. Nowadays, it’s recognized that advancement suggests we can produce beds which offer inconceivable back support. With this, you can be assured of the comfort over surety that you will wake up desolation free.

Lower legs and feet:

An improvement of fluid in the lower legs known as edema is a run of-the-mill issue as we age and can consolidate both calfs and thighs. If you’re a sufferer, get some extra information around a mobile bed frame. As the experts say, one of the normal ways to deal with the reactions of edema is by raising your feet over the level of your heart.


Sleep enhances focus and memory capacities over all age bunches. However as we age, an absence of rest can influence us an increasing amount. More established individuals regularly depend on sleeping pills in order to offer them some assistance with getting the rest they expected. However, putting resources into a comfortable bed frame and bed may very well give you the same impact. Think about it.


There are many types of bed frame that give flexible tallness and variable stance. These beds are made to offer you some assistance with getting in and out of bed and give you an agreeable night’s rest.

Essentially the best bed frame.

Once you’ve come to a specific age, odds are you have your home which you share with your children. You need to invest a touch of energy in yourself, and buy the bed frame and mattress that will suit your needs.

So in case you’re at a stage where you’re taking a gander at sprinkling out on another car, why not consider the cash for a top-of-the-extent bed frame. You invest much more energy in it and it will give you the complete bundle of solace, well-being and happiness. This furniture is where you’re prone to invest 33% of your time.

The Mattress Warehouse full scope of brands means there’s truly a chance that you’ll discover something with which you can spoil yourself. Imagine the electric beds with back rub settings, or flexible beds for included solace and bolster, remote so you can sit up and read or stare at the TV. Well, maybe not really. But you get the point here.

Straightforward necessities. 

There comes a period when a bed frame turns into a basic bit of furniture – when you’re transforming a ground floor room into a bedroom to abstain from climbing stairs and give less demanding consideration.

At this stage there are some down to earth contemplation which The Mattress Warehouse can help you with:


If you’re moving a bed frame into a new apartment, ensure you can transport the base and bedding effectively and it can be moved into the room. In case you’re changing a ground floor room into a bedroom, it pays to check the sizes accessible and how a bed frame will fit.


Pick the right bed frame and it is imperative to consider beds with customizable stature. There’s a scope of weight alleviation overlays and sleeping beds and also, embellishments which can get in and out of a bed.


At The Mattress Warehouse, our main priority is to allow every customer to experience the best bed and customer service. If you need a bed frame that is a little bigger than your previous one, you can always contact our customer support for some advice. We believe that as we age, we tend to need a better bed frame that will not only grant us a peaceful sleep at night, but also avoid having serious spinal and back aches.

Never settle for any bed frame that you think look good. But always make it a priority to make a good, thorough research before buying a new bed frame. You do not want to end up with more pain after a few nights of sleeping in the new bed. If you need any help and assistance, our customer support will always be available to help you with anything you might need.

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