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Choosing the right mattress according to your body type

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

The right pillow will support your neck properly and the right mattress will support your back in all the right ways throughout the night. Most of us already know this even though we do not always apply our knowledge to our day to day lives. The majority of people who were questioned in a survey about their sleep said that their mattress played the bigger role in the quality of the sleep they received.

And since it is your body that needs the rest, it is obvious that your body type is going to be playing a big part in deciding on the mattress that you choose to buy.

Choosing the right mattress


It starts with the firmness

It is all about keeping your spine firm and in place. The moment your spine is not getting enough support you are going to be feeling the aches and pains in all of the usual places. Your mattress will have an effect on your overall health so it is important to buy the right mattress the first time round. And it is in the firmness of your mattress that your comfort lies. You might like sleeping on a firm mattress but your body type might be better off with a soft mattress.

It all comes down to the wideness of your hips. Should you have small hips, a firm bed will be what will keep your back in place. If your hips are a little wider, you should invest in a softer mattress as this will allow your hips to sink into the mattress while your spine will continue to be supported.

A proper, supportive mattress is going to transform your life if you have been suffering from a bad quality sleep.

From the firmness to the selection

Once you have found that mattress that is just the right firmness, you will have to consider a few more things. Unfortunately shopping for the right mattress is about more than finding the ideal one. The next thing to take into consideration is the price of the mattress vs. how much you are willing to spend. Your mattress is your investment in great sleep, it is your investment in a better life.

Choose your firmness wisely, it can make a big difference according to your body type


When going into the shop, it is best to try the mattress out by laying down on it for a few minutes. While this won’t give you the exact representation of what it will be like to sleep on this mattress, it will help you to form a helpful idea regarding what your sleep is going to be like when you buy such a mattress. Some people will mistakenly think that just sitting on the corner of the mattress will be enough, but in this one case don’t be shy, lie down on it. If you share a bed with your partner then bring them along and let them lay down next to you on the mattress so that you can get a proper idea for what it will be like on the mattress.

The two biggest factors that you need to consider when shopping for a mattress is comfort and support. Once you have a mattress that can give you both of these things then you will have found the right mattress for you.

When you lay down on your back your spine should be straight and when you are laying on your side your spine will need to be in its natural curve. The moment your back is not adequately supported you are going to be waking up with back pain more often than you would expect. Too many nights on the wrong mattress can also give you problems well into the future so it is best to not tempt fate by buying the wrong mattress.

When you are buying a mattress, make sure that you pay close attention to the springs that are used within the mattress. The higher the spring count, the more firmness and support you will be enjoying. The springs are where the support comes in while the comfort comes from the padding that your bed has.

Think of the padding as a cushion, the type of cushion that will make it comfortable enough to sleep on the metal springs within the mattress. The type of cushioning that is used on the mattress will make a huge difference to the comfort that you will experience.

When it is time to look for your new bed, let The Mattress Warehouse help you find the perfect bed for your sleep needs. Our expert team will help you find the best bed for your body type…and for your bank balance.

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