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Does this bed go to infinity and beyond?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse



I’ve had a very interesting realisation that roughly went something like this: “When you work hard and are equally rewarded, you owe it to your future self to invest in good quality stuff.” It’s the notion that the harder you work, the more you should appreciate adding value to your life. And by that I mean a shift in the thinking that luxury items are less a show of extravagence and more a sign of respect for the quality of life you lead. 

The benefits don’t all have to be self centered. We can pass on a higher quality of life to our kids as well. Take, for example, the ultra cool, uber hip race car beds of the 90s. Back then, having a bed frame cast in sturdy plastic and adorned with colourful stickers resembled the ultimate in being cool.

etsy-space-bed-images-970x646-cThese days, kids have any number of cool items to bring value to their life and reflect the dreams and aspirations they have for themselves. I recently found this super modern spaceship bed, and I have got to come clean…
I want one!!

This particular creation is the vision of Fable Bedworks. It’s a company that deals specifically in theme-based kids’ beds. The one featured in this blog is for the budding astronaut, complete with a “deepspace defender” bed that folds up to look like a pod. The set comes complete with mood lighting and if you’re in the US or Canada, shipping is included in the price.

Which brings us to the crossroad: “What does it cost?” This particular version is priced at US$14,300. Yes, you could buy an entry-level car for that price, but in reality, giving your child a space to relax his or her mind and let them dream of where they’d like to be as adults has been proven to be beneficial.

Of course, at My New Bed, we have a range of options that are much more gentle on your wallet with all the benefit. Contact us if you’re interested in giving your child a safe new world to escape to, without ever leaving the safety of your home. At the end of the day, we’re also parents and we also love to spoil our children.

If we don’t stock a product that you’re looking for, we could always use our network to find similar (if not the exact match) you had in mind. You’ve worked hard for the success you have. Spending the reward you’ve earned on high-end, quality goods is definitely not something you should feel guilty about, particularly if you’ve been diligent in taking care of your future needs.

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