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Don’t want to throw your old mattress away? Upcycle it with these cool ideas!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

10 ways to upcycle your old mattress!

Mattresses only last between 5 and 10 years (depending on quality), but once you’ve replaced a mattress, does it have to be thrown out? Here are some ideas for “upcycling” your old mattresses. Click on the links in this article to see which kind of mattress works best… as a new one.

1. Make a couch for the kids to mess around on: Do your kids jump on your couches, somehow get all the cushions on the floor, or your teens manage to envelope the entire couch while watching TV or gaming? Use your old foam mattresses as couch cushions! Using a flat board support make divans or use two mattresses and two boards to make a couch. The kids can wreck these as much as they like!

couch from mattress

2. Garden trellis: If your mattress is too far gone for a couch, rip the comfort layers off the mattress and use it as a garden trellis for a climbing plant. The springs, especially a continuous wire mattress spring system, will provide the perfect trellis for a plant that grows thickly if given lots to hold on to. Or The fabric, if still nice, makes good cushion covers or even just cleaning cloths.

3. You can use the comfort layers to pad heavy things in storage, or pin them to wooden boards with the fabric from the mattress, or something prettier/thinner staple gunned over it to make a great peg board/photo board as a gift!

pin board

4. Wine rack: Again with a stripped mattress, this time an open bonnel coil, hang it up on the wall to use as a sturdy and very spacious wine rack. This creates a very alternative décor idea, and it’s inexpensive.

bonnel coil wine rack

5. Make interesting lights for your walls: Using an offset coil, fix candles or LED lights into the coil. Hang them easily from your ceiling or attach them to your wall for a rustic look. This can even be used hung outside is trees for a picnic party or in your garden, as it doesn’t matter if the springs rust, and LED lights last a long time.

bonnel coil light

6. Towel rack (etc): Hang the old bed frame up and use it as a place to hang items like towels, pots and pans, gardening implements (in a garage) and even photographs. This would be a good rack to use in a children’s room because it’s not fragile and the kids can hang anything on it, even their clothing, which is preferable to it lying on the floor! Use a bed frame and not stripped mattress though, as the mattress coils might hurt children.

hang stuff from mattress hang stuff from mattress2 photo hanger old mattress

7. Use for a couch base: Use your sleigh bed base as the couch base in number 1,


As a container in a hole in your garden with a heavy duty refuse bag for a compost heap. This just makes the compost heap much more contained and easier to cover.

sleigh bed gate

8. Flower/Veggie garden: Put a continuous coil mattress base on the ground and use it as a guide for where to plant your seeds for accurate rows of flowers or veg.

pot plant coil

9. Use an old base as a place off the ground for your pot plants: Using a wooden bed base as a counter for your pot plants, or cover it with soil and grow runner plants for a great garden decoration

OR, Using a wire base is even better: put pots in because then the plants have ventilation and can let the water run out.

10. Let The Mattress Warehouse do it: We’ll take your old mattress and base and either recycle it or donate it to a charity for abused women and children. This won’t take any of your time, all we ask is that you buy a new mattress (from us of course!) first! We will pick up your old mattress when we deliver the new one – no problem.

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Ideas taken from these Pinterest Boards 

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