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Duvet Cover Sets That are Perfect for Guest Bedrooms (and decorating tips)

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

With a worldwide pandemic winding down, isn’t it time you invited your bestie or parents over for a prolonged catch-up session? But before you do that, you might want to check up on your guest bedroom, because it is probably dusty from misuse. At the Mattress Warehouse, we keep up with bedroom trends and as such, we’ll help you sort out that guest room in a jiffy! Scroll down for tried-and-tested ideas on how to decorate your guest bedroom. We’ll touch on basic decorating tips and give you a list of guest room essentials – from suitable duvet cover sets to lighting, and everything in between.

How to decorate a guest bedroom?

We can all agree that there is no greater compliment than that of loved ones reminiscing about their stay in your home. A large portion of those compliments is typically influenced by their bedroom experience. As a guest, nothing is as memorable as feeling pampered, at home and
on an adventure, all at once. To accomplish this, there are several things to consider when decorating your guest room.

1. Keep it simple

When it comes to “WOW-ing” your guests with your guest room, less is more. Going for a minimalistic elegant theme is the best way to go. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your guest with too much decor and dazzle. Neutral furniture, like hardwood, is most suitable. Wood goes with almost any theme and is a timeless classic! The minimalistic effect enlarges the room (but does not make it feel empty) and gives your guest the freedom to personalise it for the duration of their stay.

2. Stay in character

Your guest bedroom should complement the rest of your house.

Guests want to feel a sense of familiarity and personality in your home. They don’t want to feel like they are in just another motel room. Adding little personal touches to the room may allow your guests to learn more about you. Perhaps add a splash of your favourite colour to compliment the way natural light invades the room. Alternatively, use a floor/throw rug with your fondest pattern.

3. Keep it well stocked

Be thoughtful and centre your attention on the comfort and practicality of the room. Asking for stuff may be uncomfortable for others. So you want to make sure that you give your guests more than they need. Here’s how:

  • Add in extra towels and a basic toiletries basket in the bathroom cabinet
  • Put some extra blankets in the closet
  • Throw in some cushions, bean bags or a snug sofa.

This sells the idea that your guests are more than welcome to have some private time after a day’s activities and socialising. Moreover, it speaks to your hospitality and mindfulness.

Tip – to make your guest bedroom more versatile, consider using two twin beds instead of one double/queen/king bed and have a couple of backup single bed duvet covers. So when two single people visit at the same time, they can each sleep in a separate bed.

The guest bedroom check-list: what you need

A low double bed with a selection of pillows and cushions on the white duvet set.

1. Duvets and duvet cover sets

First of all, duvets! This is the most obvious yet most overlooked item when decorating a guest room. Draw the blinds on the heavily themed, bright or flamboyant duvet sets. It easily draws all the attention from the rest of the room and can make your guest uncomfortable. Exactly what you do not want them to feel!

White duvet cover sets or comforters are your best option. It gives the room a clean, fresh and sophisticated feel. White also goes with every theme and admittedly never goes out of style.

2. Linen

Cotton sheets are always most advisable as they are more accommodative of the seasons and are less irritable on the skin. It’s best to keep these white as well, for that clean, luxurious feel. The same goes for your pillowcases.

And speaking of pillows, don’t hold back on the different types of pillows to use. Mixing up memory foam, hard, soft, flat or plush filled main pillows, as well as
variously shaped scatter cushions, can be super chic! People have varying sleeping styles, so an indulgent gesture to increase their comfort can give your guests a great reason to come visit again (that’s what you want, right?).

3. Storage

Of course, all the bedding listed needs accessible storage. While a linen cabinet may seem like the most obvious place, having a minimalist guest room closet or cupboard is most convenient. This way, you won’t have a mix up of guest linen and that of other bedrooms. You also afford the
guest the ease with which to handle their luggage and clothing.

4. The bed(s)

Now, with the visuals out of the way, let’s talk about all things physical – the bed, mattress and pillows. To ensure your guests get a good night’s shut-eye, you need to get a good quality mattress. It is such poor hospitality etiquette to place your old, springy mattress in your guest room. You don’t want to have a guest complaining about a muscle ache at breakfast, come sunrise. The Mattress Warehouse has some of the most comfortable mattresses that won’t have you squeezing the coin purse. And it is always lovely to add a mattress pad, just to increase your mattress’ longevity. It also saves cleaning efforts with the nighttime tinkles with the
younger guests.

5. Lighting

Lighting in a room is also important to consider. It gives a room character. Having curtains, blinds or drapes that shut out outside light is a winner! It almost always guarantees your guest peaceful sleep. Another quality to take note of is the ambience that artificial light in the guest room can create. Having bedside lamps (obviously on bedside tables) and candles can create an alluring ambience that soothes your guest to the most marvellous drowse.

6. Miscellaneous

Let’s not forget other convenient essentials such as plug points for charging personal electronics, a mirror, and courtesy toiletries.

Type of duvet cover sets at The Mattress Warehouse

At The Mattress Warehouse, we offer exceptional quality duvet covers to suit all mattress and bed sizes. Our modest light coloured duvet covers allow you the freedom to have fun and be bold with your guest room decorations.

The understated silver Elka Linenhouse Bamboo Cotton Oxford duvet cover typically grounds the dark colours used around the room (be it the throw, rug, carpet, curtains or wall paint). The stark contrast of the colour scheme offers magnifies the luxurious aura of the guest room.

If the extremely bright whites make you nervous about the potential dirt, then perhaps our elegant moonbeam Linenhouse Chantal coverlets may put you at ease. The creamy/off-white bed cover accentuates the room’s finer details and decor items. It gives the room more character while also maintaining the intended sophistication.

Shop duvet cover sets for sale online or in-store

Whether you’re an empty-nester or happen to have room to spare, it needn’t be dull! The Mattress Warehouse not only offers you exquisite duvet cover sets but also fills you in on practical ways to sharpen your hospitality skills. We value your bedroom values because your sleep satisfaction is our priority! And with our array of payment options, you can shop now and pay later. How’s that for convenience?

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