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Edblo Beds Review

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

You’re on the lookout for a new bed and you want to do your homework before you decide where to invest your money. Smart. And because Edblo beds are some of the most well-known beds in South Africa, you want to see if the brand is worth it.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, The Mattress Warehouse talks about everything you need to know about Edblo beds. You’ll find out where the bed got its name, how an Edblo bed can benefit you and which of the current Edblo beds for sale are our favourites. Follow along as we take you on an educational trip through the Edblo bed brand.

Discover Edblo Beds: your trusted sleep partner

In 1927 two gentlemen by the names of Edelstein and Bloch (Ed + Blo = Edblo) decided to start manufacturing quality, affordable beds for South Africans. And the rest, as they say, is history. Growing rapidly due to popular demand, Edblo became the first local bed manufacturer with factories in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. All Edblo beds comply with the ISO 9001/2 Quality System. So in other words, Edblo meets an internationally accepted standard for the quality of its beds and customer satisfaction.

Don’t you think a bed that adheres to international standards of customer satisfaction is worth it? We certainly do.

Benefits of Edblo Beds

There are many benefits to sleeping on an Edblo bed. But to save you some time, we’ve only highlighted a few here:

  1. Locally manufactured beds and mattresses
  2. Affordability
  3. Health benefits

1. Locally manufactured beds and mattresses

Because Eblo has factories across the country, they are able to offer timely and competent support, should anything go wrong with your bed. Hopefully, nothing will damage your bed, but if it does, you know that backup is around the corner. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like having a safe and reliable support system?

2. Affordability

Edblo offers great value for money. You can get a brand new king-size Edblo bed for less than R12,000. And included in that price is a 1-year guarantee and 10-year service warranty. Seeing as you should replace your bed every 7 to 10 years, that is definitely a lot of bang for your buck. And don’t think that because it is affordable, it is of poor quality. ISO compliance, remember?

3. Health benefits

Bacteria and mould can build up at an alarming rate in mattresses that aren’t well ventilated. This in turn leads to less than ideal sleeping conditions. Thankfully you won’t have problems like this with an Edblo mattress. All Edblo beds have well-placed vents inside of the mattress to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and mould. Moreover, the topmost layer of Edblo mattresses is comprised of an antimicrobial fabric, called UltraCare, which inhibits fungal, bacterial and dust mite growth. So if you suffer from night-time allergies, you might want to consider getting an Edblo bed.

Our favourite Edblo Beds for sale

This is the category you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it? You’re probably thinking that we should have skipped directly to this part. We could have, but it’s important to know if you can trust a brand before you buy that brand. And learning more about a company is part of that trust.

But enough with the lecturing, let’s take a closer look at our favourite Edblo beds in these categories:

  • Most affordable
  • Best for couples
  • Most luxurios
  • Best single Edblo

Most affordable – Edblo Gobabis Bed

Edblo Gobabis bed
The Edblo Gobabis with its comfortable support top is a flip free mattress
  • Currently on offer from R4,399 to R9,199
  • 10-year service warranty
  • 100 kg per person carrying capacity

The Edblo Gobabis bed has a firm comfort rating, so it is great for back- and stomach sleepers. Moreover, the combination of a classic Bonnell Spring unit and a comfort top will provide you with a balanced sleep system. With the popular Edblo double bed going for only R5,799 and an extra-large king selling for less than R10,000, this one is for you if you are shopping on a budget.

Best for couples – Edblo Messina Bed

Edblo Messina bed
The bamboo cover on the Edblo Messina has extra anti-allergenic properties
  • Currently on offer from R5,499 to R10,399
  • 10-year service warranty
  • 120 kg per person carrying capacity

Even though the Edblo Messina has a firm comfort rating, which isn’t great for side sleepers, we still like it for couples. You might be wondering why? Because of the independent pocket spring system in the Messina mattress. Each spring acts on its own, meaning that when you or your partner turns around in your sleep, the entire bed doesn’t shake. So if both you and your partner are either back- or stomach sleepers and you value restorative sleep (as you should!), seriously consider the Edblo Messina bed.

Most Luxurious – Edblo Ruacana Bed

The Ruacana is the most luxurious of Edblo beds.
The Edblo Ruacana bed has fantastic edge support, meaning you can sleep right on the edge of the bed without feeling like you are about to fall off
  • Currently on offer from R5,899 to R11,899
  • 10-year service warranty
  • 120 kg per person carrying capacity

When lying down on the Edblo Ruacana bed, you get the feeling that you’re floating on air. Nothing else can describe the feeling of complete comfort that you feel as the plush memory foam top contours perfectly to your body. Oh and to make it even better, the memory foam is infused with cooling gel beads to regulate your temperature as you sleep. If you sleep on your side or back and you want to treat yourself for every consecutive night during the next 7 to 10 years, check out the Edblo Ruacana!

Best single bed – Edblo Rundu Bed

Edblo Rundu bed
The Bonnell Spring unit in the Edblo Rundu bed provides excellent support
  • Currently on offer from R4,899 to R10,299
  • 10-year service warranty
  • 120 kg per person carrying capacity

The Edblo Rundu has a medium comfort level, so it is perfect for all sleeping positions. It is great for growing teenagers and young people on the move. And because it is quite durable, you can even pass the bed down to younger siblings as the older ones develop their own sleeping styles. It is a good buy for a household with two or more children that are spaced a couple of years apart. Moreover, once the children leave home, the Edblo Rundu will make for a good guest bed.

Edblo Beds for sale at The Mattress Warehouse

Now that you know Edblo is a trustworthy bed manufacturer, you can shop for Edbo Beds without worrying about the longevity of quality of the mattress. And the best part is that, at The Mattress Warehouse, we guarantee the lowest prices. Quality beds have never been this affordable.

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