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Everything you need to know about Edblo beds!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Edblo beds are a South African mattress brand that has been in operation since 1927: quite a long time! Edblo has long been a popular and well-known brand in South Africa, known for its affordability and comfort. At The Mattress Warehouse, we feel that Edblo beds are perfect for guestrooms and holiday homes. Edblo beds are made with Bonnel coils as well as pocket coils, and both types have antibacterial properties to protect against mosquitoes, bedbugs, and dust mites, making them good quality beds on the market. At The Bed Company, we often sell their top of the range, the 7 Crown, which is a Bonnel coil bed.

Edblo: what does the name mean?

Edblo mattresses come in all sizes

Edblo mattresses come in all sizes

Have you ever wondered where the name Edblo comes from? The company was spearheaded by two friends and business partners, L n Edelstein and Barney Block, back in the day. They put the beginnings of their surnames together to create their brand name “Ed” “blo”, and so their beds, Edblo, were born. The most important jobs your mattress has is that it must support your spine, cushion your pressure points, and keep you so comfortable that you don’t toss and turn looking for a comfortable position during the night, disturbing your sleep. If your mattress sags or has body impressions, it will bow your back out of alignment, especially if you sleep on your side or on your back, causing you back pain and uncomfortable, restless, sleep. Some mattresses also start sagging around the edges, making the sleeping surface is smaller. The larger your sleeping area on your mattress the more comfortable you will be, especially as a couple. A double bed, for instance, only gives 2 adults the same amount of space as a baby cot. Unless you like being in your partners’ space the entire night, you’ll sleep more comfortably on a king or queen. A king is the size of 2 singles pushed together, which is why king-sized beds simply have 2 single bases, rather than an unwieldy king-sized one.

Edblo is the perfect balance between soft and firm:

Your mattress needs to support you

Your mattress needs to support you

The softness or firmness of a mattress is very important when you’re mattress shopping. A mattress that is too firm for your body shape will cause your joints to hurt, and place strain on your elbows, shoulders, hips and ankle. A firm mattress presses against those areas that protrude, those that, naturally, also take the most weight. Without support from the mattress, the blood supply is cut off by the pressure from the mattress to your limbs, and your body has to toss and turn to allow blood to run through. A mattress that is too soft will cause you to feel a bit lost in the mattress, and elderly sleepers, you may experience numbness in your hands and toes as your blood supply to those areas get restricted by the mattress. A soft mattress might also cause back pain.

Bonnel coil spring unit

Bonnel coil spring unit

Foam mattresses like Cloud Nine generally have a firmer feel than spring mattresses like Edblo. Coil mattresses are generally softer and bouncier. Bonnel coils are the innerspring system inside a mattress that consists of springs all attached together into a coil unit with small coils all connected together. They are the most common type of coils used in beds and are quite bouncy. They are the cheapest to make, which is why Edblo is so affordable. The famous Crown beds (5 Crown, 6 Crown, 7 Crown, etc) are all Bonnel Coil beds and are the most popular Edblo mattresses.

Pocket coils are most well known for their soft feeling. They were extremely expensive to make when first invented, as each coil had to be handmade and inserted into its fabric pocket. However, with the invention of modern machines, pocket coils have become much cheaper to manufacture, and they helped to revolutionise the bed industry. Edblo uses pocket coils in their Edblo pocket range. Pocket coils look like conventional springs that have been put into little “pockets” of fabric. The fabric, as well as the fact that the coils are individually separated from each other, makes pocket coil beds very soft but also very supportive. There is also no motion transfer, as the coils don’t affect each other when pressed down, each bearing its own weight. This is great news for couples who find each other disturbed when one turns over in bed or gets up for a glass of water, they won’t feel a thing with a pocket coil mattress.

Pocket coils are supportive have mattress isolation

Pocket coils are supportive have movement isolation

As well as Bonnel coils and pocket coils, Edblo also has the Energiser range, which uses a continuous coil spring. A continuous coil is one that uses one wire that starts at one end of the bed and coils all the way to the bottom, and back up, and on and on until the entire spring unit is created. Continuous coils are used by Silentnight for their beds too. The Energiser also uses a latex comfort layer, making for a firm and comfortable bed that will give you improved sleep and more productive days. Latex has a slightly bouncy, resilient feel that makes for a bed that’s supportive and soft at the same time.

The perfect bed for anyone :Edblo

The perfect bed for anyone: Edblo

The Mattress Warehouse proudly sells all Edblo mattresses, and they are most easily available on our website. Edblo mattresses are individually made to order, so if you are interested in an Edblo bed, be sure that you will wait up to 3 weeks before your mattress gets delivered. The Mattress Warehouse communicates directly with the factory, giving you factory prices without the middle man fee. Call us today on 0861 007 000 for more information on Edblo beds, to order a bed, or to find one of our branches. We also deliver for free nationwide!

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