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Motion beds are great for people in and outside of hospital for so many reasons!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Being in a bed for long time can give you an appreciation for your pressure points, or at least for a mattress that relieves them. For many years, people in hospitals suffered from pressure sores from lying still on one place in their body’s, with all pressure concentrated on those places, as that’s where the most weight and contact with the mattress occurred. The lasting end to pressure sores was beds which can shift people’s position around easily, and take pressure off their pressure points by lifting or dropping them slightly. These adjustable beds have been around for centuries, but mostly only for hospitals and bedridden invalids. They are now available to anyone who wants a bed that makes sleep toss and turn free!

What electric motion beds do:

Motion beds basically lift certain parts of the body to take pressure off those areas and shift it to somewhere more comfortable while sleeping. Small motors in the base lift the head of the mattress, the middle of the top half (for shoulder support), under the knees, and the feet. This creates an environment where the entire back is supported by the mattress holding it up, and tension is removed from the lower back which usually carries a lot of the weight if you lie flat.

Advantages to a motion bed vs a normal bed:

A motion bed can easily be used as a comfortable reading or working area as well as a bed, because it lifts up almost all the way.

It is customisable for couples, each being able to find their own comfortable spot without disturbing each other, and removes the worry that one getting out of bed will bother the other.

It vastly improves both circulation (as that body area is lifted into the air, such as the feet), and breathing. Lying down depresses the lungs, making breathing more of an effort. Being raised slightly opens up the lungs, and encourages deep breathing, which makes for much more restful sleep. Low oxygen intake during sleeping will make you wake up feeling tired and headachy rather than rested.

Relieves back ache both by being a more comfortable height to climb in and out of, and through the way it relieves tension on the lower back. Rather than needing to climb in and out of a low bed, one simply steps off or sits down. The support of the lower back while sleeping helps the back to heal and stops aching and pain.

Foam or spring mattress:

Mattresses used for motion beds are usually made from foam, as the bending and manipulation of the mattress would damage a spring mattress, but pocket springs can move independently, so they are also used.

Genessi’s Motion Beds come with 2 different mattress options: solid latex and memory foam. The memory foam is a really great mattress, because it enhances the bed’s ability to relieve back pain by moulding around the body and filling any space between the back and the mattress, providing great support. The latex does the same, but has a firmer feel.

Silentnight’s motion bed mattresses are covered in cashmere and are made with pocket coils which are encased in either memory foam infused with a cooling gel or latex. The pocket coils bend and move independently, unlike usual coil units which move as one thing, so they work for a motion bed.

To come and experience a motion bed for yourself, call 0861 007 000 today, or simply order your motion bed online on our website. We want you to sleep in comfort every night! We also stock linen for the beds.


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