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Feminine Boudoir Chic: 10 Bedroom Décor Tips for Women

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Another Women’s Day has come and gone, and here at The Mattress Warehouse, we want to celebrate our lovely lady customers! We stand behind every strong woman, and we believe that girl power is unstoppable. Your bedroom is something that is completely your own; it is a space that you can decorate to reflect on who you are as a person.

However, sometimes it can be challenging without guidance; you want the perfect decorations and the best bedroom specials, but you don’t always know where to start looking. Keep reading to find out how to create the perfect woman’s bedroom.

What Is a Feminine Bedroom?

Women's Bedroom

Soft, Warm, Luxurious and Feminine.

Beautiful, Elegant, Mysterious and Romantic.

These are all adjectives one would use to describe the perfect woman’s bedroom.

A feminine bedroom often makes use of curves, instead of the more rigid alternative. It is less harsh and embraces more airy colours and patterns.

There is no need to paint your whole room bright pink in order to establish its femininity; there are better, more subtle ways.

10 Bedroom Décor Tips for Women

  • Colour scheme matters
  • Walls are for decorating
  • Don’t be shy, get a mirror
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers
  • Lighting
  • Make use of a statement piece
  • Textures and patterns
  • Use the power of headboards
  • Sofa it up
  • Keep it simple

1. Colour Scheme Matters:

The most obvious thing to keep in mind when decorating your feminine bedroom is your colour scheme. While this is a very personal decision that should be based on personal preference, this tip will help steer you in the right direction.


The first colour that comes to mind when you think “women’s bedroom” is usually pink, but that is often the wrong choice when it comes to decorating! The best colour scheme to ensure a dreamy, elegant bedroom, is centred around pastel colours.

The great thing about this is that it leaves you with so many options! Some of the best colours to consider are soft blues, light greens, lavender, pale pinks, and even light yellow. Use these colours as decorations in your bedroom.

Keep in mind that you should avoid using too much colour when going for a light and airy feminine look. This can make your room feel cluttered and too high energy for a calming bedroom where you can relax. Use neutral colours such as white, beige and light grey as staple colours to avoid overdoing it.

For example, paint your walls a light grey and have lavender pillows and curtains. This ensures a consistent colour scheme that doesn’t overpower the rest of your bedroom decorations.

2. Walls are for Decorating:

One of the easiest ways to express yourself through your bedroom decorations is by filling the empty spaces on your walls.

Wall decorations

A great idea to bring out the femininity in a woman’s bedroom is to hang up floral prints or elegant paintings. Furthermore, you can put up wallpapers of your choice or even paint patterns onto your wall. Stencils are an easy way to ensure that you paint neatly. Shelves with little decorations on are also a good go-to decorative option.

Decorations can be quite expensive, but rest assured knowing that there are affordable alternatives! You can pick flowers you like, allow them to dry out, and hang them on the wall. If you like quotes, you can print out your favourite meaningful quote and frame it for your wall.

Finally, photos are also a good way of decorating women’s bedrooms; whether it is a huge canvas of your wedding day or a small photo in a frame, it can be used to add a little bit of yourself to your bedroom.

Empty walls make your bedroom feel empty and less intentional.

3. Don’t Be Shy, Get a Mirror:

A good feminine touch to any bedroom is to decorate with a large mirror. 

Full length mirror

There are many appropriate options, including round, rimless mirrors, or silver/gold-rimmed rectangular mirrors. Furthermore, you can mix and match and go with a silver-rimmed, circular mirror. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as its a full-body mirror that reminds you of just how beautiful you are every time you see it!

Leaning a mirror against the wall in the corner of a room is always a good touch. You can also hang it up on the wall.

4. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers:

Nothing screams girl power like some stunning flowers in your bedroom!


Personally, I think that a bouquet of flowers is the best part of any woman’s bedroom. Whether store-bought or home picked, they tend to brighten up a room.

While fresh flowers are ideal, as they add life to your bedroom, as well as cleaning the air, it is not the only option. Floral decorations or even floral paintings on the wall do the job just as well!

However, take care not to overdo it; less is often more. Pick a few types of flowers and stick to it, and try to only have one or two decorative pieces that contain flowers.

5. Lighting:

Just like in any other room, lighting in a bedroom is crucial. You don’t want to have a bedroom that is dark at all times.


Ensure that your windows let in as much light as possible, and don’t decorate with dark colours that absorb light. white is a wonderful colour to make a room feel lighter, bigger and more open.

Furthermore, lamps and lights can be as decorative as they are functional! Invest in dainty, elegant looking lamps to add to the feminine feel of women’s bedrooms.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, make sure that your curtains block out all of the outside light during the night to ensure that you sleep well. Invest in some candles to light during the evening to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.

6. Make Use of a Statement Piece:

Any well put together woman’s bedroom has a statement piece that attracts attention and sets the style of the room.


A statement piece is any piece of furniture or decoration that draws attention and is the first thing you look at when entering a room. Furthermore, it is the piece that everything else is designed around.

A beautiful chandelier or a dainty chair will highlight the stylish feel of your room.

7. Textures and Patterns:

Show how much thought you put into your room by adding textures and patterns.


Frilly curtains and pillows will bring out the feminine side of your bedroom, and so will soft, furry blankets.

Decorate with patterns that suit your personality, whether that is geometric or floral patterns. This can be done by buying patterned pillows or rugs, or painting patterns on your walls.

Note: Avoid having more than one style of pattern. This makes your room feel very busy and overwhelming and can take away from the put-together look that you are trying to achieve.

8. Use the Power of Headboards:

A headboard can finish off a bed perfectly and can bring a whole room together.

Women's Bedroom

Go for an elegant, soft look when choosing a headboard. Keep the colours neutral and unobtrusive.

At The Mattress Warehouse, we offer a variety of headboards that range greatly in both price and style.

For a soft, material look, consider something like the Lourini Punch Headboard, which comes in 3 different colours. A beautiful, driftwood alternative is the Cayman Headboard. We have a host of other super mattress and bedroom specials so keep in touch so that you don’t lose out!

Alternatively, you can make your own headboard using wood and material of your choice.

9. Sofa It Up:

A sofa is a good way to add a cute element to your room that is both functional and appealing to the eye.


Keep it small and neutral in colour to avoid overpowering the rest of your room and making it seem cluttered.

Above all, make sure it’s comfortable enough to sit on, so you have a space to relax after a long day. Decorate it with pretty pillows and a nice blanket so you can easily snuggle up with a book, or even a movie.

10. Keep It Simple:

The worst thing you can do for a woman’s bedroom is to have too much going on. This clutter will distract you from the simple elegance and beauty of your room, not to mention distract you from sleeping!

Simple bedroom

Pick a colour scheme and stick to it. Avoid using too many patterns and don’t vary from your chosen style.

Femininity represents being put together, confident and beautiful; make sure this comes across in the way you decorate your room.

Invest in a good dressing table with drawers to put all of your makeup and other little things in to avoid clutter. This is also the perfect place for you to get ready in the morning. The same thing applies to bedside tables, so you have somewhere to put your bed-time essentials.

Remember that it’s not about how much money you spend, but rather how much thought and time you invest. There are plenty of bedroom specials here at The Mattress Warehouse to ensure that you can have everything you want to create the perfect woman’s bedroom! Click here to have a look at all of the items currently on sale.

Happy woman

You are beautiful, strong and important, and you deserve the bedroom of your dreams! Happy Women’s Month!

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