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Finding the Right Bed is Child’s Play

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

When it’s time to get the kids to bed, you know that it’s not all about lowering their energy levels, reading a bedtime story and keeping as quiet as a mouse. The most important aspect of ensuring your child’s good night sleep is the bed itself, or more specifically, the mattress.

kids sleep


As kids are growing and their bones develop, they need an adequate amount of healthy support from their mattress while they sleep. The mattress should be firm enough to distribute their weight evenly, thus providing them with a correct sleeping posture to avoid any spinal problems later in life.

Comfort is also a must, as a tired child can be hard to handle!! Tired kids will have trouble focusing on schoolwork, won’t be able to pay attention, could have poor memory, will feel sluggish and will have that general grumpy face that every parent dreads.


Open coil mattresses come at great prices with quality comfort and support.

A continuous spring mattress distributes your child’s body weight for increased support. It is also lump-free, ensuring excellent comfort.

Zoned mattresses offer a lot of support where it is needed the most as your child grows.

Pocket spring mattresses have individual springs fitted into separate fabric pockets, making them very durable.


Whichever mattress you choose to buy for your child, make sure it is durable, supportive, comfortable and from a quality brand name range.

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