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Genessi beds – It’s all about the foam

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse


It’s all in the foam

Genessi Comfort

A Genessi bed consists of a lot of different layers of the latest and best types of foam, this provides you with the most comfortable sleep and back support.

Natures gift adding luxury to our lives

Latex Foam is a popular type of foam normally used in the top part of your mattress for added comfort. Latex has a bouncy feel, is very durable and has a luxurious feel to it. Unlike memory foam it is not heat sensitive, so wether it is hot or cold it will always feel the same.

State of the art tecnology in luxury foam

Memory foam was initialy developed by NASA and has very good absorbing qualities. Memory foam takes a lot of presure of your body, especially where the bodies presure points comes into contact with the bed. Memory foam ads a luxury feel of your bed and makes you feel all snuggled up and engaged with your bed.

Memory foam works with body heat, so after a few minutes on a bed with memory foam you will feel it soften up a bit.

Buy according to your weight

Some of the more luxurious beds of Genessi has a combination of these different foams. There is also a Genessi model designed for every weight class. Whether you are heavy or light in weight, We have a Genessi just for you!

Bug and Mosquito Repellent

If you get irritated at night with bugs and mozzies crawling in your bed you will LOVE Genessi, they also felt that there is enough bugs and crawling thing in this world so eed with Vitalguard to protect against bacteria, bed bugs and even mosquitoes.

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