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Genessi beds – Pure Quality

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Genessi is one of South Africa’s favorite brands at the moment .

Genessi beds are ideal for a person that’s looking for something :

  • Durable – Genessi beds are made to last longer, they use recycled (chip foam) material as part of the core of the mattress, and because this type of foam is already compressed and a very high density it makes the mattress a lot stronger.


  • Back supporting – Our Genessi beds are made to cater for any body weight with great back support for any person.


  • Shoulder protecting – High quality foams like memory foam and latex is used to take pressure of the shoulders and various pressure points. These materials are fantastic if used with a chip foam core.


  • No movement transfer – There are no moving parts inside your quality Genessi mattress. Therefore each time your partner moves you will not feel a thing.


Call 0861007000 to buy your new Genessi bed today!

Click here for Genessi beds on sale in South Africa.


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