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How do you know when it is time to replace your mattress?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Somehow we all form an attachment to the surface on which we sleep, it is where we are most vulnerable and it is where we feel the most comfortable. But even our luxurious comfort zone will eventually disappoint us when it no longer provides us with the support that we have come to expect. Although it might feel like something akin to betrayal, there comes a time when we all realise that the mattress we love is in need of replacing.

The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea

The importance of a comfortable mattress goes back so far as 1835 when Hans Christian Andersen presented the popular fairy tale about the Princess and the Pea. Through all 20 mattresses and all 20 feather beds, the princess is able to feel the pea that has been placed between the layers and she is kept awake throughout the night because of the pea between the mattresses. Sleeping on a lumpy mattress will leave you tossing and turning as well.

But knowing when the time is right to toss the old mattress is what will make the process a whole lot easier. Some people will say that 7 years is the mark while others will swear that you can keep your mattress for around 8 years. Our connection to the bed that has once provided us with many years of comfort is a bond that can be hard to break. But maybe now is the important time to make the break. And maybe you are not sure if your mattress needs replacing just yet.

Here is what you need to know about and what to look out for when the time comes to buy that new mattress:

Do you wake up feeling as though you haven’t gone to bed?

If you are pulling yourself out of bed every morning feeling as though you have had no rest at all, then this is a sign that it is time to check out your mattress replacement options. But keep in mind that the mattress might not always be at fault for you waking up feeling tired and grumpy, you could just be in need of a holiday or a change in lifestyle. Sometimes you might just be in need of a few extra winks after too many late nights. If waking up is not just a difficult thing to do but is also leaving you feeling in pain, then it is time to consider your options and make that new mattress purchase.

To test the mattress theory, it is best to sleep on another mattress to see if you are right about your mattress being the issue. And this brings us to the next point…

Sleep away from home

Now I’m not suggesting that you rent a hotel room within the city or town that you live just to test this theory, unless of course you really want to, but trying another mattress will answer a few questions. If you have recently slept away from the cosy albeit uncomfortable confines of your bed, did you find that the experience left you feeling more refreshed? Then maybe it is time to consider replacing your mattress. You will have many mattress replacement options so shop around before you buy.

Being tired throughout the day can be the result of sleeping on a bad mattress

Being tired throughout the day can be the result of sleeping on a bad mattress

Are you older than 40 and is your mattress over 5 years old?

If you are like me, then getting older really is just a number. But although we might all still feel 18, the reality is that while our minds still feels like that of a teenager, our body is slowly growing old and becoming susceptible to new aches and pains. With age comes the necessity of having to buy a new mattress. As we age our body also ends up needing more support in places that we might not have need to give support to before, so changing your mattress as you get older is an important way to give your body the complete support that it needs.The mattress has lumps and is starting to sag

The moment you feel that your mattress has lumps and is sagging, it is time for a new mattress. A lump, unreasonably soft mattress is definitely way overdue for a replacement and you should by now be thinking about where to start your search for the ideal mattress. Replace your mattress sooner rather than later to ensure that you don’t damage your body any further.

If your mattress is showing these signs of aging, don’t hesitate to buy a new one. Both the Genessi Beds and the Spinalign range are all affordable beds that will restore the spring in your step after just one night of good sleep. Let The Mattress Warehouse help you find your new favourite piece of bedroom furniture.

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