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How is a Latex Mattress Made?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Latex is a milky white liquid that comes from the rubber tree. This liquid is composed of tiny rubber particles dispersed in water. When whipped with air, it forms foam that can be heated to make rubber. This natural rubber is extremely safe and healthy – non-toxic, non- allergic, dust and mould free, odour free, durable, flexible, is self-ventilating, relaxes muscles and resists moisture build-up – making it the perfect material for the manufacture of mattresses.

The process used to produce the finest, supplest, best body-conforming and most durable latex rubber, is the Talalay process. The steps of this procedure are as follows: the liquid latex is whipped, allowing air to spread throughout and form foam. This foam is poured and spread evenly into a mold and is closed. The closed mold has many evenly spaced rods that go through the foam and then a vacuum is placed on the whole mold. This removes any uneven air bubbles or air pockets that might have formed during the process up until now, and it helps to distribute the foam evenly through the mold. Carbon dioxide is then run through the rods, freezing the foam and locking its consistency. Then heat is run through the same rods and kept at an even temperature to make the final end product – rubber.  

The alternative procedure is called the Dunlop process

The actual latex foam mattress is usually made from a combination of different foams, but a natural latex mattress is made solely of layers of latex rubber. There are many great benefits of sleeping on a latex mattress

  • Causes no allergies and emits no toxic fumes.
  • It helps a lot with the proper alignment of your spine while you sleep.
  • It offers excellent support and outstanding comfort.
  • No indentations are formed when you have slept on the mattress for a long time – it always takes back its original form.
  • It changes shape to your body form as you change sleeping positions throughout the night.
  • It eases pressure on pressure points and relieves back pain.
  • Affordability. 


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