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How to choose a single bed for student bedrooms: affordable living

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Are you looking for a single bed for a university or college dorm room? The Mattress Warehouse is just the place to find a single bed for sale at an affordable price. We offer some of South Africa’s best student beds and mattress brands and we offer free delivery countrywide. 

College and university is an exciting chapter in anyone’s life. Moving out of your parents’ home is a challenging and exciting step in any young person’s life. With all the new changes and life adjustments, you also have to keep in mind what type of bed you should sleep on. Bearing small room size and budget in mind, a single bed will be the best option for a student bedroom.

However, narrowing the search down to just a single bed size won’t make you feat much easier. There are hundreds of single beds for sale out there, and you’ll have to sift through every bed to find the one that suits your sleeping style, comfort preference and sleep needs.

With a limited budget, you want to find the sweet spot between quality and low price. Bear in mind that you’ll have to sleep on this mattress for at least four years. Therefore, it will be wise not to go for the cheapest mattress out there. Rather spend slightly more on something you know will last, and invest in a couple of add-ons to make sure your mattress lasts through the years.

5 Best single beds for students

Dorm room with a students single bed

Keeping all of the above in mind may leave you feeling overwhelmed and reluctant to even begin the search. Luckily, The Mattress Warehouse has years of experience in providing affordable beds for sale s. We know exactly what beds are perfect for students or young adults just starting out in life. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 5 cheap single beds that are budget-friendly (an average of R3000) and perfectly comforting to support the busy life of a student. 

1. Ruby – Firm

Starting out on our list for best beds for students, lies the Ruby Firm. This charcoal bed lists at an all-time low price to fit your student budget perfectly. This amazing deal of a bed boasts with many benefits for your dorm room or apartment.

Ruby Firm - Single Bed


  • Comfort rating: 2 (medium-firm)
  • A quality Bonnell Spring unit provides superior support through pressure relief and spinal alignment.
  • With a firm feel, this mattress provides the ideal sleeping surface for stomach and some back sleepers.
  • The Ruby Firm – Single bed can support persons of up to 60kg’s.
  • This bed comes with a 6-year service warranty and a 1-year guarantee.

An ideal combination of sleep support and budget-friendliness, the Ruby Firm may just be the best single bed for your student bedroom! Get your’s today.

2. Strandmattress – Bambino

The Strandmattress – Bambino bed is perfect for the active student living as it provides excellent support and pressure relief for stomach and back sleepers. Crafted from excellent materials, this bed is also durable; ensuring that it’ll last you through your student years.

Strandmattress Bambino Single Bed


  • Comfort rating: 2 (medium-firm)
  • Endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa due to its wonderful abilities of spinal alignment. Consequently, this mattress is ideal for active students that live a busy life and need proper sleep support.
  • This no-turn mattress makes it a bit easier for you to handle life on your own. You never have to turn this mattress in order for it to keep its shape.
  • This mattress is covered in knitted fabric for a soft touch sensation.
  • This single bed is hygienic, non-toxic and hypoallergenic to create a healthy sleeping environment.
  • Comfortable high-density Polyurethane foam layers provide a firm, yet gentle, feel to the mattress.
  • The Strandmattress – Bambino can support persons of up to 70kg’s.
  • This mattress has an 8-year warranty and a 1-year guarantee.

For ideal support for active students, purchase the Strandmattress Bambino today!

3. Rest Assured – Vito

For a quality single bed that doesn’t break the bank, this bed will most definitely be the easiest on your wallet. Without compromising on quality or reliability, this bed will be perfect to last you through the years of student life, all the way into adulthood. Supporting person’s of up to 85 kg’s, this bed is ideal for female students.

Rest Assured Vito - Single XL Bed


  • Comfort rating: 3 (medium)
  • Continuous coil system for a stable and reliable sleeping surface.
  • Coils are interlocked for support in all directions.
  • Tempered sleep support system further enhances mattress quality and comfort.
  • The mattress is covered in a luxurious, soft comforting cover for ultimate sleep satisfaction.
  • Increased pressure distribution ensures that your tired body is supported all the way for proper sleep posture and
  • Reinforced edge support creates a larger sleeping surface. Consequently, you’ll get the most out of this smaller bed in a small space.
  • This bed supports persons of up to 85kg’s.
  • A 10-year service warranty and a 5-year guarantee will assure you that this single bed will last you through college all the way into adulthood.

For a bed that’ll last you through college and adulthood, get the Rest Assured Vito today!

4. Universe bedding – Hotelier Platinum

If you’re on a bit of a bigger budget, and you’re looking for a heavy-duty bed that will support you for years to come, the Hotelier Platinum is the perfect bed for your student bedroom. This hotel-quality bed boasts with amazing comfort, out of this world support and extreme durability to carry you through your student years.

Universe Bedding Hotelier Platinum - Double Bed


  • Comfort rating: 2 (medium-firm)
  • Heavy-duty chip foam core with high-density foam layers ensures a good night’s rest every night. Additionally, these features also increase the lifespan of this mattress, as it won’t crumble and sag over time.
  • Quality knitted fabric further ensures the durability of this mattress.
  • This bed can support persons of up to 120kg’s – ideal for the heavier individuals.
  • The Hotelier Platinum also comes with a whopping 20-year service warranty.

This bed will last you a lifetime! One day, your own kids might sleep on this in their dorm room. You can purchase this ultra-durable bed via our store..

5. Cloud Nine – Mono-Flex

Moving up a bit higher on the price range scale, lies the Cloud Nine Mono-flex. Still very much affordable, this upper-class single bed will treat the busy student with many nights of comfortable rest and relaxation.

Cloud Nine Mono-Flex - Three Quarter XL Bed


  • A delicate, gentle initial touch allows for amazing pressure relief as well as perfect spinal support and alignment. Consequently, this mattress will be ideal for the busy athletic student in need of ultimate comfort and support.
  • A poly-knitted cover creates an aesthetically pleasing and soft-touch appeal.
  • Luxurious high-density Polyurethane foam layers provide a supportive, yet comforting, medium-density feel to the mattress.
  • This single bed is also hygienic, non-toxic and hypoallergenic making it the perfect sleeper for anyone!
  • This single bed supports persons of up to 90kgs.
  • The Cloud Nine Mono-Flex boasts with an impressive 15-year service warranty and a 2-year guarantee.

For a high-end bed purchase, comfort and 15-year warrantied durability, you can purchase this bed from our store.

Find all types of single beds for sale 

If you didn’t find what you were looking for here, feel free to hop on over to The Mattress Warehouse’s online store to find single beds’ prices and to check-out even more single bed options. We have the widest range of single beds for sale ideal for your dorm room or student apartment. From our side, we wish you the best of luck with this new journey that you’re embarking on. Happy shopping!

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