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How to Decorate with Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

With modern materials and designs in bedroom furniture, it can get tough to pick the right furniture for your room. But let’s be honest. The one material that stands out from the crowd is surely wood. It’s been around for centuries but still hasn’t lost its appeal. And the best part is that it is so versatile! You can use wooden furniture to create almost any atmosphere in your bedroom. Don’t believe us? Let The Mattress Warehouse give you some expert advice on how to decorate your bedroom with wooden furniture (and how to take care of the wood).

Top tips to keep in mind when using wooden furniture

Even though wood is the number one furniture type for many, it should be used and maintained with great care. To help you make an informed choice about choosing and using wooden bedroom furniture, we’ve outlined some key characteristics of wood. Furthermore, we touch on aspects of care and maintenance to keep the quality of your furniture and ensure greater longevity.

What are you using the wooden furniture for?

Firstly, consider what you would like to use it for. Do you want an ornamental wooden bed, or are you adding some wooden bedside pedestals to the mix? There is a variety of wood to choose from, each with its own characteristics and ideal uses. For example:

  • Teak: When you are looking for tough bedroom furniture, then teak wood might be ideal. Not only does it look good with its greyish-silver tones, but it can endure wear and tear and stay durable.
  • Oak: If you are looking for a warm cosy interior in your bedroom, then oak is a very popular choice. But be warned! For all of its beauty, oak is very heavy. So plan the layout of your bedroom before you bring in the oak furniture because you don’t want to move that around a lot.
  • Mahogany: With its reddish-brown hues, mahogany goes well with natural and warm interiors. Keep in mind that it darkens with age, so your bedroom colour scheme might go a shade darker every couple of years.
  • Chestnut: This rot-resistant wood with its straight grain is simple, yet elegant. It is often used to create a more rustic kind of vibe. Just beware, it is quite soft so keep your toddlers and sharp objects away from chestnut bedroom furniture sets.
Wooden bedroom furniture all over the room.
Adding a plant brings out the natural feel of wooden bedroom furniture

Protect your wooden bedroom furniture

Maintenance: Whether you like it or not, maintenance is part of the game when owning wooden bedroom furniture. The good news is that maintaining your wooden furniture is actually quite simple. The degree of maintenance may differ depending on the type of wood you are using. Generally, maintenance includes:

  • Dusting the furniture on a regular basis
  • Washing stains or spills with lukewarm water and dishwashing soap
  • Applying some wooden oil from time to time

Great ways to decorate with wooden bedroom furniture

It’s always intriguing to see what styles and themes you can turn your bedroom into with a little creativity, imagination and inspiration. Because of the versatility in styles wooden furniture brings to the table, wood can be used to create almost any design masterpiece. Whether you like the old vintage look from the previous century, or something more modern and colourful, wooden furniture will fit right into the mix. Here are some common examples just to name a few.

Envision the coast with a beautiful nautical theme

Blue ceramics against the wall, coupled with blue pillows and throws give this room a distinct coastal feel.
Blue ceramics and a white wooden side table gives this room a distinct coastal feel

An amazing and very popular preference considered by many! The coastal or nautical style will bring you right back to your childhood coastal holidays and make you feel like you are always on vacation.

There is a lot of wooden furniture that is perfect for this kind of vibe. You can go ahead and create your custom space by using a nice pine or whitewashed wooden side-table. Then add some accessories – how about some refreshing blue and white ceramics to go with the coastal theme? Be creative and introduce blue wallpaper or some driftwood. Play around with various shades of blue – add a blue topper or a blue and white carpet. Maybe some extra blue pillows?

Keep it cool and chic with a classic farmhouse style

Maybe you are not that into the whole coastal, holiday type of atmosphere and prefer something a little more cosy and warm. Not a problem! The cottage or farmhouse style is also an excellent choice when it comes to incorporating wood furniture into your bedroom. Think about that old wooden rocking chair in the corner and the carved or curled wooden beds and lamps. You can always add touch-ups like wicker baskets and tin ornaments. Nothing really prevents you from creating that perfect farmhouse vibe right in your own bedroom.

Wooden furniture can take a beating even in the kid’s room

Children are known for their creative (and sometimes destructive) imaginations. So don’t be surprised if they fully reinvent their bedrooms in the blink of an eye. Don’t hesitate to let your creative imagination roam freely with them. Castles, lighthouses – the sky’s the limit! However, with this creative streak, the inevitability for things to get bumped, stepped on and broken will always be there. Fortunately a lot of wood types out there are tough enough to specifically withstand these situations.

There is also no shortage of ideas to help and guide you. You can go from the ladder bunk bed design to some interesting little shed. Or do a fairytale theme with a four poster bed for your little princess. A multitude of wooden furniture can assist you to create an interesting playground in their bedrooms. You can also use some inspirational accessories like chests, paintings and wooden toys to round off your desired theme. Let your child help you to pick out their new bedroom furniture to give them a sense of ownership and pride in their rooms.

Buy bedroom furniture and we’ll take care of delivery

Wooden material is the one truly unique material you should want to introduce to your bedroom. Make sure to browse through all of our wooden bedroom furniture so that you can get that perfect piece that you’re looking for. The different textures, properties and styles wood can offer means that it can literally fit any taste. Also, it can accommodate any preferred theme you can imagine. It’s definitely worthwhile delving a little deeper into these options we provide whether online or in-store. Either way, when you pay, we deliver for free to all major cities in South Africa.

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