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Is Genessi Beds The Right Bed For You?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

We spend about one third of our life just lying in the bed or sleeping. Therefore, it is so obvious that beds are one of the most important aspects of our lives. In order to achieve a better sleeping experience, we need good quality beds to help us getting the comfort we are looking for especially while we are resting. What is the type of your bed? Is it the firm type or the softer one? Or is it the popular Genessi beds or maybe the Cloud Nine Beds?

More often than not we are not aware of the fact that beds can bring difference into our lives. After a long day at work or school, we would definitely want to settle to a comfortable place to crash. In some cases, we are a lot more comfortable sleeping especially during a vacation. Why? This is because most of the hotels and resorts understand the importance of having high quality beds and great ambience in the rooms. With that being said, yes, we agree that beds play an important role in our daily lives. Just because you saw an advertisement beds for sale doesn’t mean you should go to that store and buy all kinds of beds you see there. Put the cheap price aside, what you need to know is on how you should choose the right bed for yourself.

The Factors of Beds

There are a few different conditions that lead to having bad beds at home. Among the reasons are that our beds are covered with dirty sheets, covered with thick dust and infested with mites. These are just a few conditions that will cause us to have altered sleeping pattern. If you find yourself starting to sleep uncomfortably at night and always have insomnia, you might need to consider changing your bed sheet once a week or maybe even try to improve on your sleeping cycle. But if you buy any of Genessi beds for sale, you should know that they come with Genessi Comfort Support which combines a series of layers in the bed itself. These layers will help in offering a luxurious and five-star feel while still maintaining excellent support.

Getting a New Genessi Bed

Do you know that you should buy a new mattresses every 6 years? This is because over the course of 6 years, our mattresses will slowly get damaged and dirty. Since we’re spending half of our time on beds, there are a lot of reasons why getting a new bed is a must. Think of all the drool and dead skin left in the sheets and how dirty it gets when you took a bowl of your spaghetti on your bed as you watch a movie online. There are so many new beds in the market and different manufacturers emphasized on different specifications for their bed models.

Why Genessi Beds Are the Right Choice

Not all expensive beds are the most comfortable beds in the world. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to comfort and relief. Some people need beds that allows them to feel as if they are sleeping luxuriously in a five-star hotel. Some people need beds that give them the therapy their body need especially those with back or neck pain. A great sleep can easily be achieved with firm but comfortable bed and with the right pillows that create softness for the head and neck. Nothing beats the experience of lying in the bed that will keep encouraging you to crawl back into it at the end of the day.

For an example, the Genessi beds come with circular knitted cover that provide luxurious and durable finish. This allows the sleepers to gain relief on their body as well as getting a high-class sleeping experience. Furthermore, most of the beds by Genessi has a 20 years of service warranty and a two years guarantee which always come in handy especially when you are dealing with some damages on the beds.

The average lifespan of a mattress is about eight to ten years and if you’ve had the same mattress for more than twenty years now, you do need to change your bed because it is likely no longer giving the same support it once gave you. If a bed is used regularly, it will start to deteriorate by seventy-five percent from its original condition after ten years of use. Therefore, changing an old bed to a new one is a must. With a wide-range of beds for sale in the market nowadays, it’s not a surprise to see that most consumers are confused on which bed to choose. However, you shouldn’t worry about it as the only things you need to do is to make research thoroughly and always give all beds you’re interested in a try before you purchase it. That is also why we encourage you to find some Genessi beds for sale as Genessi is among the manufacturers that understand the needs and requirements of the consumers.

Apart from that, majority of the Genessi beds for sale are mostly equipped with great ventilation and they have zero movement transfer. The popular Genessi Body Form Memory Moments beds have high resilient foundation of polyurethane foam and it gives comfort layer that is supported by an additional 100mm ultra-flex that help in reducing the transfer of motion dramatically. Also, the mattress fabric is made of Belgian linen, circular-knit fabric which is stretchable. The best part about all models of Genessi beds is the Vita Premium Protection installed in each of the models. This protection repels bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites and mosquitoes. That sounds amazing, isn’t it?


If you are looking for the right beds, you might want to start checking on stores and even online websites on the latest Genessi beds for sale because we can assure you that Genessi beds are among the best beds out there. Not only do they give the comfort and relief you are looking for, but they come with competitive price as well!

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