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Kooi Pure Firm

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

I am so excited to tell you about Kooi’s latest Firm edition in the Pure range – The Kooi Pure Firm. In this blog, I will tell you why it is important to invest in a bed, benefits of a firm mattress and why you should buy the Kooi Pure Firm. Educating you on why it is so important to choose the right bed will be a theme throughout. I will link this idea closely to the Pure Firm and its ability to meet your wishes. In addition, I will look at a few cryptic ideas as well as my personal experience with Kooi Beds.  

The Investment

I cannot really think of many purchases that have the scale of impact relevant to that of a bed. Yes, buying clothes, hygienic items and food are all essential to your daily life. However, investments such as these can be saved on. Buying brand names and caviar are hardly necessary requirements for a happy life. On the other hand, beds simply do not fall into the same category. Why? Because we spend a significant portion of our lifetimes in them (up to a third, actually). In order to make the most of this investment, we require a decent platform. Essentially, the surface you sleep on is the foundation to a well-rested, happy and healthy life. And there are few bigger rewards than that.

Your time is the most valuable asset that you can invest, even more so than money. When buying a new bed, think of the return you will receive, instead of focusing on the short-term monetary loss. Baring this in mind, I do not want you to make an uneducated purchase. Hence, I recommend that you visit The Mattress Warehouse’s page dedicated to Buying a New Bed.

Importance of Comfort Level

Good old comfort level, arguably the most important part of your bed. I want to stress this part. A lot of people overlook the importance of understanding your bed’s comfort rating. This is one of the biggest mistakes actually. For this reason, I take it as my duty to explain why you should always bear comfort level in mind.

Some bed companies give you ratings from one to ten. At the Mattress Warehouse, we simplify things by grouping comfort level into five distinct ratings. For context, level one out of five is almost like sleeping on the floor. Level five can be compared to sleeping on a marshmallow bed in the clouds. Every comfort level has a specific reason and benefit to your sleeping experience. For the sake of the Kooi Pure Firm blog, I will discuss a harder level.

Firm Mattress – The Benefits

You know the common phrase, it’s hard to stomach? Well, if you like sleeping on your sides or prefer soft tension relief, a firm bed will be just that. In contrast, if you prefer spinal alignment, you are all set. Interestingly, people actually prefer a harder sleeping surface. In fact, in South Africa, the majority of individuals prefer to sleep on a firm to medium comfort bed – although this is commonly due to price difference and a few other factors. Nevertheless, firm beds are popular due to the following reasons.

A firm bed is perfectly suitable for people who prefer sleeping on their backs or stomachs. Although contrasting comfort levels also cater to these sleeping styles, firm mattresses offer superior spinal alignment. This sleeping surface won’t cause your back to sink in, which keeps you level. As a result, firmer beds are often far more suitable for people with lower back injuries. In addition, such a mattress will also allow better oxygen regulation through your body (which is essential if you have the aforementioned injury).

Why You Should Buy The Kooi Pure Plush

Why should you buy something? Because you like or need it. When it comes to the Kooi Pure Firm, the same rules apply. But, thorough thought, time and consideration will surely be applied. Essentially, it’s a very personal route. How and why then, will you be motivated to approach this journey with certainty? Facts will, it’s that simple. Bearing this in mind, I would like to share why you should buy the Kooi Pure Firm.

Materials and Technology

First of all, it’s 2019 and any purchase is only as good as the materials used. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to compromise on quality when spending money. I call you wise. At Kooi Beds, this ethic is understood and embraced alike. The brand simply doesn’t compromise on quality. In fact, the Kooi Pure Firm hosts a brand new foam called Pure Foam. What’s the benefit you ask? Well, old mattresses use foams that contain calcium fillers. The negative behind this is that calcium eventually decays with use. This leaves your bed with nasty body impressions and a sagging sleeping surface. Pure Foam defies the old and embraces innovation that conforms to European standards. This modern advance in bedding will ensure zero of the old negatives. Kooi Beds promise a longer, impression and sag-free lifetime for your new mattress.


Who doesn’t like a little motivation? I certainly do. Due to my eagerness to find inspiration, I was pleasantly caught off guard when I realised my bed assisted with more than just my sleep. At this point, you probably think I’m losing the plot. However, I can assure you, there is a method to my madness. Upon reflecting on my routine since I’ve had a Kooi Bed, I realised that it actually motivates me. Mornings revolve around getting up from my bed – reluctantly most of the time. Evenings involve watching series and going to sleep in my bed. I spend so much time on this dormant object that it has consumed part of my subconscious. The healthy section. What I have realised is that my mind constantly remembers that I sleep on a Kooi bed. And you know as well as I what the brand stands for.

In Fitness and Health

I have it. Inspiration to live a fit and healthy lifestyle has consumed my daily routine. Although fitness has always been a trend in my life. A piece of the puzzle was missing. Through embracing the message from Kooi Beds, I have found myself with a drive. Ambition has filled me. The determination to become a high-performance athlete who actually sleeps in a high-performance bed has fueled my days.

I realise that people are different, which is fantastic. For that reason, you might think this is silly, and I won’t blame you. All I ask is to think about it for a second. Maybe you could find that investing in the right tools will represent the last boost of confidence required to live in fitness and health. Perhaps that very tool is a Kooi Pure Firm bed.

A Suprise That Spoils

I totally have a love-hate relationship with surprises. Although I am not one to decline a gift, when it comes to birthdays or Christmas, I would much rather present than receive. Call me crazy, but the surprise of cool new tech or fun features have a far greater appeal in my mind. One of my all-time favourite features legitimately rests in honour of Kooi. Receiving your new Kooi Pure Firm will be a weird experience indeed. The product will arrive in a long rectangular box (note, long, not wide). After positioning the mattress on its base and removing both plastic layers, it will expand in the most satsifying manner. It really is something to behold. You can watch the process here:

Facts and features

Hey, I don’t mind that you want more details. Often I skip – hope you didn’t – to the end of product blogs to read the facts and features. In the case of the Kooi Pure Firm, you’re in luck. This firm bed comes with numerous notable specifications that make the bed worth the buy. Check them out here:

  • The Kooi Pure Firm is made from three very distinct and modern layers:
  1. The first layer consists of high resilience foam. This is responsible for a bouncy sensation when lying on the bed.
  2. The second is filled with UF35 foam. This part of your mattress acts as a support base that will compliment your nights.
  3. The third layer is essentially the part of your mattress that provides a smooth sensation that delights.
  • Kooi Beds are exclusively manufactured from high-end pure foams that follow  European standards.
  • Strenuous compression tests ensure that your Kooi Pure Firm has the quality and durability you deserve.
  • No calcium fillers can be found in your new Kooi’s Pure Foam.
  • The mattress boasts three distinct comfort zones that ensure optimum alignment and comfort.
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • 130kg Per Person

Animated Product Video

A product video is often the best way to get a quick and lasting idea of a product. The best way to do this is via effective visuals. Hence, we made this very helpful and quick product video for your convenience.

Get In Touch

The Mattress Warehouse is very easy to contact. You can follow various avenues to get in touch and ask any questions that you may have. Reach us here:

  • You can contact The Mattress Warehouse on our website here. Phone numbers and email address for the online time as well as each branch, are provided.
  • Visit The Mattress Warehouse Facebook page and send a message to our friendly social media admins here
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