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New Natural Latex Mattresses

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

The Mattress Warehouse has another interesting range of mattresses on our floors. These latex mattresses are by GreenCoil; they’re soft, bouncy, super comfortable and extremely durable. The mattresses have a pleasant, medium firmness level, and they come in every shape and size. Anything from pillowtop, eurotop, to a standard mattress.

Not only are they amazing to lie on, but they’re environmentally friendly too! These mattresses are predominantly latex topped. Additionally, the material is combined with natural wool and Argentum fabric.

Now, you might be thinking; “You’ve told me all there is to know about these mattresses, what more could there possibly be?”.

Well, just keep on reading!

Natural Latex Mattresses:

So what makes latex such a worthwhile addition to a mattress? 

1. Durability:

Natural latex is an extremely long lasting product due to the resilience of latex itself. Examining the product reveals proof of this: the consistency is that of rubber. Other mattresses have more of a foam-like texture.


Generally speaking, latex lasts twice as long as its foam counterparts. A GreenCoil specifically, will last three times as long as normal foam mattresses, averaging at about 30 years of use.

2. Support:

Natural latex adds extreme support to a mattress’ list of characteristics. Latex is very tough and sturdy, allowing it to bounce back from pressure, as opposed to yielding to it. This quality makes for a supportive sleeping surface that doesn’t sag and can take a lot of pressure. 

flexing muscles

Therefore, rest assured that you’ll wake up from a good night’s rest on your GreenCoil mattress feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

3. Antibacterial: 

Manufacturers make natural latex is from tree sap, and, as such, repels insects and parasites without any chemical pesticides. Therefore, your mattress is bedbug, mosquito, dust mite, and just generally bug-free. Some of the benefits of this include:

soap bubbles
  • Improved breathing and better quality of air.
  • Better mattress hygiene and less need for upkeep.
  • You won’t have any allergic reactions to the mattress, as it’s all natural and not made with any chemicals. The mattresses are hypoallergenic.
  • This is also the reason why CoilGreen mattresses are so environmentally friendly; the mattresses aren’t made from any harsh, unnatural chemicals.

Behind the Name:

GreenCoil’s mattresses all have very unique names, some of them being  Serenity, Ggln, and Sgihh. All of these names invoke a sense of peace, much like the nature they’re made of.

Most Environmentally Friendly Mattresses
in South Africa

Latex is Naturally Produced:

The humble beginning of the latex in your GreenCoil mattress starts in the forest. Manufacturers collect Sap from Rubber trees by making an incision in the bark and placing a bucket under its base.

Here’s why this process is significantly environmentally friendly:

  • Mattress manufacturers plant rubber tree forests so they can collect the sap, meaning that more trees are being planted. Furthermore, instead of cutting trees down to use in manufacturing, a small incision is simply made in the bark.
  • No chemical processes are used to make latex from the sap. The manufacturers simply freeze the sap, followed by a few other procedures, to make it solid. Manufacturers use a chemical process to manufacture Dunlop Rubber (the first rubber invented from the same sap). In contrast, Talalay rubber, which is the rubber GreenCoil uses, has a completely different manufacturing process that is mostly chemical free.

Less CO2 Emission:

Studies show that the manufacturing of natural Talalay latex uses much less CO2 than other materials used to make mattresses. Therefore, your latex mattress is making your carbon footprint smaller simply by existing.

factories, smoke

Finally, less CO2 means cleaner air and less global warming from greenhouse gasses.

Less Waste:

You only have to replace your latex mattress every 20 to 30 odd years:

garbage dump

Due to the extreme durability of latex, rather than 10 to 15 years, your mattress lasts up to 30 years. Therefore, this halves the number of mattresses you have to buy in your lifespan. This, in turn, lessens your waste on land dumps! Not only does this reduces waste that takes centuries to decompose, but it also reduces the number of mattresses to be manufactured. Finally, this further cuts down on CO2 emissions.

How is GreenCoil’s Use of Latex Different? 

GreenCoil is very unique in the way that they use latex in their mattresses. Mattress manufacturers in South Africa previously used latex as a support layer, rather than the main layer in mattresses. The best example of this is Silentnight. Silentnight is primarily known for their memory foam. Their mattresses have a layer of latex under the thicker memory foam in order to provide support.

Unlike Silentnight and most other mattress manufacturers, Greencoil uses latex far more aggressively and is still actively increasing their usage. They don’t only use latex as a support layer, but for many of the main layers.

Natural Latex Products from the Mattress Warehouse:

Finally, browse the Mattress Warehouse for more.

Happy Sleeping!

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