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Rest on Rest Assured

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Rest Assured mattresses and beds are divided into three categories 

  • ØEvolution
  • ØHeritage
  • ØMatrix

This gives you the customer a wide selection to choose .Each mattress is made using a different coil.


  • ØPocket coil
  • ØNo movement transfer
  • ØNo noise( each coil in its own fabric pocket)
  • ØMore coils to support your body
  • ØLess pressure on your joints



  • ØBonnell coils
  • ØHourglass shaped coils
  • ØFirmer support
  • ØTurn mattress
  • ØLayers of foam in between the coils for extra support (Hip-zone)

Bonel Spring


  • ØInterlocking coils
  • ØAll coils work together
  • ØMoulds to your body shape
  • ØSupported sides(no sagging)
  • ØNo turn

Infinate Coil

Did you know that Rest Assured South Africa is the first certificated manufactures of the Matrix Sleep Support System. They also only use all natural latex in all there mattresses.

My favorite

Is the Oxford – This mattress has being hand-tuffed ,  which means all the foam has being pulled together so that it is soft but once you lay on it becomes a lot firmer. This is a beautiful  mattress and comes with a elegant  base.

Buy authentic Rest Assured beds and mattresses from The Mattress Warehouse in South Africa.

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