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Restonic Beds for a restoring night

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Many would agree that when you are thinking about getting a great night of sleep, it is all about the bed that you have. But when you own a Restonic bed, every night is going to provide you with the most luxurious sleep. And let’s face it, great sleep is something that we can all benefit from.

As a proudly South African brand with a critically acclaimed international status, Restonic beds have a wonderful history and have really grown over the years. Founded in 1981, this is one bed brand that has grown in leaps and bounds, to rapidly become one of the very best bed brands on the market. But the history of this bed company goes back further than that with the company’s origins being rooted in 1938.

Restonic Beds have been around for many years.

A brief history about Restonic Beds

The Restonic mattress has come a long way to become what it is today. These mattresses were the idea of Mr Michael Metz who built a billion rand dynasty after joining his father’s furniture factory. By 1981 Metz Bedding became Restonic and what started as a family business soon grew to become an international brand name with over 300 employees making stunning beds.

Although he became an internationally recognised within the bed manufacturing industry, Mr Metz remained humble and focused on continuing to build his bed empire. The company grew from a small organisation to a large company supplying high-quality bed products to suppliers all throughout South Africa and beyond.

The company drew strength from their strong management team and this helped them to stay ahead of the industry. Setting achievable goals and being able to make informed decisions helped Restonic to grow. Today, Restonic is one of the biggest bed manufacturers in South Africa and look to become the country’s largest manufacturer of beds. Restonic is also one of the nation’s leading bed companies when it comes to the logistics of moving the materials that are needed to make their beds as well as transporting their final products to bed suppliers throughout the country.

With the Restonic brand, there are a variety of great beds for sale. You can match your specific sleep requirements to the bed that is going to support you in all of the right ways.

The outright marvellous features of the Restonic bed

Restonic beds for sale have gained a truly great reputation and for very good reasons. These beds have some amazing features that set these beds apart from those of their competition. These are some of the features that you will experience when you are buying a Restonic:

  • A patented middle support system that provides additional support to the middle of the bed.
  • A non-flip feature which means that the bed requires minimum maintenance.
  • Aloe Vera and Bamboo fabrics which are eco-friendly and can keep the sleeper cool.
  • Extra comfort layers that give the bed a more plush feeling.
  • HFW patented technology which eliminates any threads from the fabrics used to make the beds.
  • A luxurious pillow top to provide extra comfort for sleepers.
  • Both pocket spring technology and dual spring systems that are designed to support the sleeping body while also absorbing shock.
  • Air vents to help the mattress breath which in turn prevents moisture from settling in the mattress. Air flow through the mattress is also encouraged by the Airzone Foam which is included in every mattress.
  • A Bazooka Sleep System which provides the bed with around 1 km of spring wiring, which is double the amount of springs used in your conventional mattress.

The Restonic bed brand has become one of the most reputable brands in South Africa.

The beds manufactured by Restonic also include side support which increases the surface of the bed, a rotating feature which assists in giving the bed some extra life, a synthetic latex foam layer for additional comfort, a Euro Top layer for extra cushioning and a firm base with stylish legs. The Restonic mattress for sale is one that is eco-friendly and is as good for the environment as it is for your sleep.

When you are looking at beds for sale, The Mattress Warehouse is the place to shop! With our wide variety of beds for sale, you are going to find the one that is right for you are you are going to love the quality. Each of the beds that we stock is designed to provide you with the most amazing comfort and luxury. Choose from our selection of Sealy beds, Genessi beds, and Fabbro beds, but don’t forget to look at our Restonic beds as well.

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