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Sleeping Comfortably During Summer

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Although we are nearing the end of summer, many parts of our beautiful nation are still gripped in the heat that is making sleeping rather difficult. With the heat showing no signs of abating, and with your sleep possibly being interrupted by the hot nights, The Mattress Warehouse has a few tips for you to use for when the mercury starts melting.

While most of us love summer, getting the right amount of sleep is not always easy.
While most of us love summer, getting the right amount of sleep is not always easy.

Not all of us are keen on sleeping with our fans or air conditioners on, in fact, for some of us sleeping with that kind of noise is almost impossible. So we throw off the covers and sweat it out, not sleeping well and ending up feeling exceptionally tired the next day. But you don’t have to sleep uncomfortably during the heat wave. With the right mattress and these easy to implement tips, you can use to beat the heat during this end of summer heat wave.

Let’s Beat The Heat

To start off, we have to give you a warning. Some of these tips are a little crazy, but should you be feeling the need to cool off in a hurry then you can always give them a try. Here are some of the best things that you can do to keep cool in your bed and get a good night’s rest.

  • Stick to cotton

Cotton sheets can make a huge difference on those summer nights when all you want to do is keep cool and get some rest. Cotton sheets are able to provide ventilation and they are breathable. So if you have satin sheets, silk or a polyester blended sheets on your bed then it is time to invest in some stunning cotton sheets that are going to allow you to sleep a little better.

  • Put your sheet into the fridge

So this is one of those tips that are more than a little weird. But a tip we came across a few times is one that says placing your sheets within your fridge, in a plastic bag, of course, will chill them off before you put them back onto your bed. Sadly the cooled off sheets are not going to provide you with relief for the rest of the night but they are sure to make getting into bed an absolute pleasure and hopefully help to lull you to sleep. A strange tip, but surely one that you can try out if you are really desperate to cool off.

Iced sheets? It might sound wacky but it is likely to work
Iced sheets? It might sound wacky but it is likely to work
  • Go against the norm of the fan

You might have noticed that on a really intensely hot night (or day) the hot air is usually going to be swirled around the room by the fan instead of cooled off. If you are using a box fan, point it out of the window so that they push the hot air away. With a ceiling fan, you can adjust the settings so that the hot air is pulled up instead of swirled around. This is a great tip if you are one who can sleep with a fan on.

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  • Maybe it is time to buy a new mattress

Many of us are sleeping on an older mattress and could probably do with investing in a new one. These days some of the best mattresses on the market are breathable and they are able to keep the mattress well ventilated so that you are able to sleep easier on those exceptionally warm evenings. Breathable mattresses have another great benefit in that they are able to limit the build-up of allergy causing bacteria that happily settles on your mattress. Edblo beds,Genessi beds, Spinalign beds, and Silentnight beds are fitted with some of the best technology when it comes to well-ventilated beds.

With these techniques you will be able to improve your sleep in summer
With these techniques you will be able to improve your sleep in summer
  • Take a lesson from the earliest civilisation

The Egyptians are accredited with many innovative ways of doing things. As they lived in the desert, they had to be creative in keeping cool during their hot nights. So they did something that is logical but something that we might not think about doing these days: they’d damp a towel or sheet and then sleep beneath it. Quite logical perhaps, but certainly not the thing that we might consider doing, out of fear of making the bed wet. So to use the knowledge of the Egyptians but not have to worry about the bed getting too wet, be sure to place another towel beneath the wet one.

Summer is one of the happier times of the year but when those outrageous heat waves hit, even the biggest fan of summer is going to be struggling to get some quality shut eye. At The Mattress Warehouse, we like all of our customers to be enjoying a night of wonderful sleep. If you are looking for that life transforming mattress that is going to support you in all the right ways and help to keep you cooled off, let The Mattress Warehouse assist you in finding the ideal mattress.

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