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Sleigh beds, stylish quality in your bedroom!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Sleigh beds

Have you heard of the latest bed in the market? If you love all things young and fresh then this is the bed for you. Why settle for the standard base and mattress when you can get a stylish sleigh bed which replaced the need for a base and you get a beautiful sleigh bed made of the finest wood.

Sleigh beds are the “In Thing” at the moment. Our low priced sleigh beds save you space in your bedroom and open the room in your bedroom. Replace the need for a base which means no more buying night frills to cover up your bed. The wooden sleigh bed is available in different colours that will suit your bedroom taste. They are available in white wood, brown, and black. They come with a standard headboard which is attached to the bed. No more buying headboards separately, save yourself the money and rather get you a foam or a spring mattress extra length at The Mattress Warehouse as well. Save time and save costs instead of buying your bedroom furniture separately. Gone are those days, now we are in the times of style and luxury.

These beds have unique centre support which offers three inner legs in the middle which support the mattress from both sides. They also have wooden planks on either side to give you the ultimate support. They come in four modern legs and extra wooden support around the edges to support your mattress. They come separately from the mattress so you have the buy the mattress on its own and what better place to get it than at our very shop the Mattress Warehouse.

Whether you buy a Rest Assured, Cloud Nine or a Universe bed. Our mattresses are made of the best quality. Whether you want a latex, memory foam or spring mattress we will supply your needs. Sleigh beds are ideal for the young graduate who just bought their first house or for the young couple wanting to add style to their bedroom. They are available in double, queen and king sizes.  We also have leather sleigh beds suitable for the main bedroom or the guest bedroom.

In with new and out with the old. Sleigh beds style defined. Visit us at the Mattress Warehouse to get yourself the latest sleigh beds. We are at corner Le roux and Richards drive, Midline business park number 14. Come see for yourself the quality beds we have to offer.

Call us now on 011 312 8613 or contact us. You will not leave empty-handed!!

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