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The bed that doesn’t sag

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

One of the most popular beds in South Africa, used by over 70% of the hospitality industry, and produced locally to boot, Cloud Nine beds have a great deal in their favour. Cloud Nine uses foam for their beds, from memory foam and latex to chip foam cores. This foam ensures that their beds are very long lasting and comfortable. If you are looking for a new bed, especially looking at foam, you may want to consider a Cloud Nine.

Memory foam makes for great back support

Memory foam makes for great back support

cloud nine casa approvedCloud Nine beds are like a sponge: they start out firm and sprongy, and slowly soften up to become much softer and more responsive. This happens over a period of a few weeks, and is one of the reasons that Cloud Nine beds are so durable and popular: They come to fit a sleeper’s personal preference perfectly. Cloud Nine beds are made with multiple levels of foam that ensure that their beds don’t sag. At all. Have a problem with a bad back and need a mattress you know will not sag and cause you back pain? Cloud Nine is the way to go. Cloud Nine beds are even specifically approved by the SABS and SA chiropractors because they are safe for anyone with back injuries to use, assisting in healing, restful sleep and a better standard of living. cloud nine SABS approved

No sag: Due to the way Cloud Nine beds are made, the foam only settles, it doesn’t even sag by one centimetre. Most beds have a policy that as the bed ages it has an allowable sag of up to 5 centimetres. This amount of sag can be disastrous to anyone who struggles with back pain, and who cannot sleep on a bed he or she is not confident will keep their spine well aligned. If your Cloud Nine bed does sag, it will definitely be replaced, no questions asked. Sagging is a bigger problem than many may realise. This study shows the amount of back pain experienced by people depending on the amount of sag in their mattress, and even a small amount of mattress sag can lead to pain! For someone with a healthy, strong mattress, this may not even be something you’ve noticed, but for someone who has fragile bones, like an older man or woman, has had a back injury or operation, and so forth, this sag will definitely be felt in aching backs.

Durable: Cloud Nine beds are made with the strongest foam that keeps them bouncy and long lasting. They are light, easy to transport, and perfect for any family member from grandma to the youngest child getting his own bed. They work well for children because they are firm and will last them from childhood, making it the perfect bed brand for kids bunk beds. While any bed is an investment, a Cloud Nine is one that saves you from buying a new bed for a decade or more. Cloud Nine beds are turnable beds, meaning that they have double the life of a non-turnable, they are more hygienic, and they are suitable for slatted sleigh beds. They also work well in a master bedroom due to their motion isolation, meaning that two people sleeping on a Cloud Nine will sleep completely undisturbed and have a restful night.

cloud nine happy strandmattress

To buy a Cloud Nine bed at the best possible price in South Africa, call The Mattress Warehouse on 0861 007 000, or simply buy a bed online on our website here. We will deliver your bed to your door – nationwide – for free! Let us help you find the best bed at the price which suits your budget.

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