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The Complete Guide to Beds

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

When you are choosing a new bed for your home there is a lot to consider. Not only should you be looking at the type of mattress that will be best suited for your body and your posture but you also need to consider how the bed is going to fit into your bedroom. Beds come in all shapes and sizes these days and deciding on the best shape means finding the bed that is going to be the right size for your room and not too bulky.

Are you in need of a new bed but have no idea about the various sizes and shapes to look for?

  1. Tester Beds

These beds are sleek and stylish and they are very popular for those who have bigger bedrooms. The tester bed is also known as a four poster bed or a canopy bed. In the past these beds were fitted with heavy curtains that would drape down the sides, enclosing the sleeper within. The canopy structures would be made out of a strong wood. These days the modern style of the tester bed includes chiffon draping’s that give the bedroom a romantic and mystical look.

  1. Sleigh Beds

The look of a sleigh bed is pretty straight forward. The sleigh bed takes the form of a sleigh and they are usually made out of luxurious wood. The sleigh bed is of French origin and they are designed to have a high headboard and footboard. At one stage they were really famous in America. Sleigh beds can either have a solid footboard and headboard or these features can be panelled. The modern sleigh bed is much less curved than the sleigh beds of long ago.

  1. Four Poster Bed

The original four-poster bed was designed to close the sleeper up in a warm comfortable enclosure. The bed would be able to protect the sleeper from any drafts and the corner posts that held up the drapes made from various heavy fabrics would themselves be elaborately decorated. This bed truly becomes the bedrooms statement piece, with its eye-catching 4 towering points adding an elaborate touch to the room. If your bedroom is medium to large in size, this bed is going to fit in beautifully.

  1. Platform Beds

The Platform Bed is the most popular modern bed to own. When you think of a modern bed it is likely that this is the type of bed that is going to spring to mind immediately. The simplistic style of these beds is what makes them ideal for any bedroom. The platform bed is lifted just slightly off of the ground and will usually stand on four legs that are made from either wood or metal. The mattress is then rested on the base of the bed. The bed will normally also have a headboard. The platform bed will fit into any bedroom size while looking stylish and neat.

  1. Day Beds

Daybeds are very versatile for the person who likes to snooze during the day while at night they want to stretch out and rest on a full, comfortable bed. The day bed is ideal for lounging around on those lazy weekends or it can be used for seating. It is usually made out of wood or metal but they have been known to be made out of a combination of both. Unlike the other beds that you can buy, a day bed has a back and side support which allows you to push it up against a wall and out of the way. The modern day bed has a spring-like mattress on it which helps to give you extra support while also making the bed a whole lot more comfortable.

Day bed in living room
The Day Bed looks great in any home and can even be placed outside for lazy days in the sun.
  1. Low Post Beds

A low post bed does not have posts that are the same length as the four posters or the tester bed. The Low Post Bed is designed to have posts that do not extend as far up as the headboard. The posts are usually topped off with a decorative finish that can be delicate or make a statement. This bed will suit most of the modern bedrooms regardless of their sizes and they can be made out of wood and iron.

  1. Upholstered Beds

For the person who is more concerned about their beds having an intense style factor, having an upholstered bed is going to be the statement maker. The upholstered bed gets its name from having a headboard that is covered in a soft, cushion type cover and a beautiful material. The upholstered bed needs to fit into a bedroom that is decorated in a style that is similar to that of the bedroom.

  1. Futon

A futon bed might be made popular by American college students who are unable to afford a stylish bed or any type of bed for that matter, but its origins are in Japan. The Futon is a bed that is designed to sleep on without a frame or base to support it. The futon is usually placed directly on the ground and the sleeper makes themselves comfortable on the floor. The more western style futon will come with a couch type piece of furniture that will support the sleeper in a more healthy way. The western version of a futon bed can be used as either a couch or as a bed. They don’t take up all the much space which makes them perfect for the smaller bedroom or in a living room.

Traditional Futon Bed
Traditionally, the Futon was and in some places remains a very popular bed in the East. While this might not be what you look for in a new bed, it might have a place in your home.
  1. Water Bed

For the more adventurous person, there is the water bed. First introduced in the 1960’s the waterbed is made up of a number of water filled tubes that are placed beneath a comfortable layer of fabric or foam. The water bed does not have to be placed on top of a frame or base, they can be left on the floor of a room. A water bed is usually bought to fit into a type of laid back décor, it might not be completely suitable for the sophisticated adult’s bedroom.

Everything you should consider for the bed extras

Memory Foam

The memory foam has taken over as the most popular foam to have within a mattress. What makes memory foam so incredibly popular is the fact that the foam is able to mould to the body and support it in every way. Memory foam was originally created by NASA so you can be sure that the foam will be high quality as well as incredibly durable. As the sleeper rests at night the foam will mould around the body, taking on the shape and helping to reduce the amount of nightly movement while also reducing the amount of pain experienced or pressure points created.

Natural Foam

Memory foam or any other type of high-tech foams are not exactly everyone’s choice of a comfortable mattress. The memory foam might also be out of the budgets for some people. For these people, there are latex foams or natural foams. The natural foam is going to be just as comfortable as the memory foam but unlike the memory foam it will not just yield under the body but it will spread the weight of the body evenly across the bed. Latex natural foam is able to respond much faster to the body when it moves during the night and it is usually a whole lot cooler.

Innerspring Mattress

Along with a natural foam or a memory foam, a bed might have a number of well-placed springs within it. The innerspring mattress is very popular these days and you will find that the majority of modern beds have springs within them. The springs vary from wrapped to unwrapped, usually, the wrapped spring will give the fabric of the mattress a longer lifespan while also aiding in the transfer of motion. You will also normally find an insulator pad on the top of the springs so that the springs do not cause damage to the rest of the fabrics and foams. On the top of the springs, you will also find a comfort layer that will make the entire mattress a whole lot more comfortable.

Have enough sheets

Many people do not make sure that they have enough sets of sheets, or they make the mistake of not changing their sheets often enough. The average person should have 3 sheets, one on the bed, one in your cupboard and one in the wash. You should also make sure that you have beautiful bedding. Your bedding is what personalises your bed and transforms it into your own. For this reason, it is a good idea to select bedding that is high quality and that is a reflection of your tastes and style. Your bedroom is going to be your sanctuary so you need to style it in a way that completely reflects who you are and what you like.

Pure Cotton 500 Thread Black Sheet Set - King Bed
We have pure cotton 500 thread black sheet sets currently available

Find the right pillow

Having the right pillow to support you night after night is just as important as having the right bed to rest your body. This means that you might need to shop around to find that pillow that suits your body type. If you choose to have a single bed then a standard pillow should be enough to give you support. The bigger the bed you choose to have, the more pillows you might want to add to it. To add that bit of extra colour and texture to your bed you might want to consider having a couple of throw cushions scattered around. These might not always be so practical but they are great for decorations.

Choosing between a comforter or a duvet for your bed

There might come a time when you start thinking about whether or not you should have a comforter or a duvet for your bed.

A comforter is a thick blanket and unlike the duvet, the comforter already has a pretty pattern printed onto the material. The material pattern will be permanent and cannot be changed. The comforter works in the same way as a duvet, so like a duvet, the comforter will be placed directly over the bed linen. A comforter can be used as an extra cover for your bed in the winter months or it can be used in place of a duvet.

A comforter is usually made to be larger than the size of the bed and can be filled with polyester or down. They are easy to wash but take care when washing them too often as it can damage the inner fibres.

The duvet is the bed cover that most of us have grown up with. The duvet is usually a bit of comfortable filling that has a simple white cover to hold it all together. Those who like to change the pattern of their duvet, to add some colour and energy to their bedrooms, will usually prefer the duvet over the comforter. A duvet and a comforter can be used together on those cold nights.

Unlike the comforter that is made to be bigger than the bed, the duvet is designed to neatly fit the bed and it can be filled with feathers, down or even synthetic materials. The filling of the duvet should not be washed as this can damage the materials. The duvet cover is designed to be washed as often as needed.

Did you know that in Norway, the people do not use a top sheet? Rather their comforter becomes the top sheet and couples will usually have their own comforter even if they share the bed they are sleeping in.

At The Mattress Warehouse, our bed collection is sure to have a design that you are going to fall in love with. Your bed is one of your most personal pieces of furniture and you should make the careful decisions that will allow you to buy the bed that suits your style and the style of your bedroom.

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