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The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Beds

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Beds are part of our sleeping experience and many times they are the biggest factor to have an influence on the type of sleep that we will have. There are some of us whose beds are more than just a place to rest our heads, they become the place where we become recharged and rejuvenated. The luxury bed becomes the bed that transforms our sleeping experience into a thing of exquisite relaxation.

Not only are luxury beds fabulously comfortable to sleep on but they are also made to look great. The luxury bed is made out of only the finest fabrics, fibres and foams. For some people their beds become their fashion statements, they become more than just a bed.

Turning your bed into a luxury bed doesn't have to mean spending more money, you can turn just about any bed into a luxury one.

Turning your bed into a luxury bed doesn’t have to mean spending more money, you can tunr just about anyy bed into a luxury one.

The definition of a luxury bed goes beyond the actual bed. After all a luxury bed is more than just the bed frame and the mattress, what really finishes off a luxury bed is the bedding that is placed on top of it.

The luxury bed

The old saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is definitely true of luxury beds. What you might think is a great looking bed might be another person’s definition of a bed that is really ugly. Most luxury beds start at the frame. You will not find a luxury bed with a boring bed frame, one of plain metal of plain wood. The luxury bed is supported by the bed frame that is made to be as eye-catching and unique as it is designed to be long lasting.

Some of the most luxurious beds in the world are designed to be different and in a few cases they are even designed to be multifunctional. With our modern living, it is no surprise that the bed has been transformed into a place where we do more than sleep. The modern day bed is now also the place for entertainment and for doing work that should be left in the office. These luxury beds are fitted with a TV, internet connections and in some beds, such as the box bed, they have built-in speakers that play soothing music.

Luxury beds are all about your comfort

Luxury beds are all about your comfort

You deserve to sleep in a bed that looks as inviting as it feels. This can be achieved by adding a few careful but easy to do effects to your bed.

What makes a luxury bed luxurious?

You don’t have to rush out and buy a new bed in order to get that luxury bed feeling. Here are a few tips that you can use to create a luxury bed:

  1. Make sure that you have the all-important basics

Because you are spending so much time asleep in your bed, it is not only important for you to buy a bed that suits all of your sleep support requirements but it is also important to invest your money in a bed and mattress that will last a long time. There are also ways in which you can transform the bed that you have by turning it into a luxuriously comfortable space by using a few well-placed duvets and comforters. This will come in particularly helpful if you are unable to replace your bed just yet.

  1. Your bed is not just for sleeping

And it is also not just for intimacy. Your bed is also a great place to indulge in a very much deserved sleep in when you have the time. We rush out of our beds each morning in our hurry to get to work on time but the weekends are our time to lie in for a bit. It might be to catch those few extra winks or it could be to enjoy a wonderful breakfast in bed. Lounging around in bed on the weekends is not going to be nearly as tempting if you have a basic bed, one with no luxurious trimmings. This means that you should pay a bit more attention to the pillows and other soft additions that you will have on your bed to make it not only luxurious but more comfortable.

  1. Think about colour

The colour scheme that you will use on your duvet and pillows makes a difference between the beds being luxurious. The colour should never be in your face, rather a colour should be gentle and calming. This is the place that you retreat to revive your body and your mind. A harsh red or bright yellow could have an unwanted impact on the rest that you will get to enjoy.

  1. Add the layers

The layers that you add onto your bed will be the ideal finishing touches to making the bed truly luxurious. You might not be a fan of the numerous pillows effect or maybe you are not keen on having to fight through many blankets and sheets to get into bed each night, well luckily there are other ways to make a bed comfortable and luxurious. Instead of buying hundreds of pillows, invest in the one or two pillows that you know are super comfortable. Invest in a quality fluffy duvet or comforter and then add a throw to your bed. All of this will lend to the comfort that you will feel.

The colour of a bedroom and the colour of the bedding can make a big difference in the luxury of the bed

The colour of a bedroom and the colour of the bedding can make a big difference in the luxury of the bed

Any bed can be luxurious. While you might have to pay out a bit more if you want to have a bed that has a unique bed frame, you don’t have to replace everything to have that comfortable luxury bed. At The Mattress Warehouse, we have a wide selection of beds for you to choose from, and we have the pillows and covers that will help you to transform your average bed into a luxurious one.

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