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Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Happy Place

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Your bedroom is your happy place, your sanctuary. A place where you can be yourself, whatever your mood. Regardless of your fashion choice, your bed chamber welcomes you with non-judgemental  arms. Somewhere where you always feel at home, your sacred space. At least, so it should be. However, if that is not the case or you would like to improve upon the happiness level, read on.

Why go to the trouble

There are times in life when you may wonder if the trouble is worth the reward. In this case, it certainly is. There are numerous excellent reasons why you should take the time to turn your bedroom into your happy place.

Something just for you

Firstly, you will feel completely different once you do something that is especially for you. Do you recall the following sayings? When you are good to yourself more agreeable things come. When you treat yourself well, others do too. You may wonder why that is so. Well, initially when you create a beautiful space that is yours, you are demonstrating that you have value. You are telling yourself that you matter and are important enough to warrant extra effort. In so doing, you are confirming that you are worthwhile despite any faults you may feel you have. When you acknowledge yourself in this manner, life does the same. Besides, you feel wonderful! So, when you turn your bedroom into your happy place, you give yourself the gift of self love.

Additionally, no doubt you are familiar with the term: Like attracts like. Be kind to yourself and you automatically draw in more kindness from the world around you. If this is truly so, why is it that have you not taken the time to treat yourself? Perhaps you believe that you may only reward yourself when you are perfect, when by now you are no doubt quite aware that no one is perfect.  So, to begin with, you can promptly discard that belief and turn your bedroom into your happy place.

Environment affects mind and body


For those that are of a more analytical nature, another great reason to have a safe space is one that science firmly supports. Humans have several different states of mind, where specific brainwaves dominate. There is Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. When you are conversing about something that requires your full attention, your brain shifts into Beta. Theta brainwaves dominate when you are engaged in a physical activity that you do automatically. Driving a car or brushing your teeth are two examples.
During meditation and the moment before sleep, you are in Alpha. During sleep you are in Delta.

Cultivate Alpha

Science states that an Alpha state of mind is one where you are extremely receptive. In such a state, ingenuity, recollection, insight and instinct are at their peak. Furthermore, Alpha brainwaves help with depression and anxiety.

However, to get into the Alpha state, you have to be very relaxed. Practice makes perfect and cultivating the habit is essential if you wish to make the best use of it. Therefore, spending an entire night in a room that promotes feelings of peace and calm promotes easier transitions into the Alpha state. In return, these brainwaves help you feel more happy. Turning your bedroom into your happy place is good for harnessing the power of Alpha brainwaves.


Moreover, research shows that a beautiful, peaceful environment has physiological and psychological effects on your stress levels. It follows that, constant exposure to any room can either empower you or destroy your peace of mind. Much can depend on the state of the room or environs. However, such impactful transformations can be yours if you know how to use your space wisely. Consequently, transforming your bedroom into your happy place is a wise thing to do.

5 steps to your happy place

Turn your bedroom into your happy place.

Steps 1 to 3 address your foundation. Firm foundations allow for you to be successful in your endeavour of creating your happy place. Without a solid foundation, things crumble regardless of what else you do.  You can shop for decor all you like, the foundation has to be your starting point. Truthfully, creating your happy place is not about shopping as much as resourcefulness.

Step 1 – Declutter

Messy rooms seldom feel good, unless you are packing to go on holiday. Therefore, out with the clutter. Firstly, prepare well by collecting 3 or 4 cardboard boxes of ample dimensions. Get them for free from your local supermarket. Box 1 is for what you love and use at least once every 3 months. Box 2 is for what you do not like or do not use. We will address the other boxes shortly.

Clear out the clothing

To effectively de-clutter it is crucial that you live in the moment – particularly when it comes to your wardrobe. Make decisions based only on what is happening right now in your life. Living in the future with a fatter or thinner you is a very uncertain place to be. You know where you are at this point in your life, so be kind by being honest and ruthless. You cannot possibly make decisions for next year.

Therefore, unless you have recently paid for a ticket overseas, now is all that matters. In the case of an impending trip, store trip items in their own box or suitcase. Pop that into a refuse bag to keep it dust-free and stash it in the garage. Only keep clothes that fit you now, unless you are pregnant. Even then, store your pre pregnancy clothing in a suitcase in the garage. When you need them again, then you can unpack them and experience all the thrills of a childhood Christmas. Turning your bedroom into your happy place can be fun!

They must go

Whatever you have not used for the past 9 months must go. For items that you are truly unsure about, pile them all into box 3. Furthermore, it is best to confine that box to the garage. In the unlikely event that you suddenly wish to make use of an item, leave the rest in the cardboard box. After 1 year, sell whatever is still in the box or give it away.

Next, what do you do with box 2? You could either sell the whole pile, get something you need, or take your friends out for pizzas. Alternatively, you could be generous. How about taking all the objects in boxes 2 and 3 to hospice, or a home for the needy?  Not only will you have a clutter-free bedroom, you will benefit from all those feel good hormones when you see the smiles of appreciation. Turning your bedroom into your happy place rewards you with wonderful feelings. 

Too many trinkets

Do you really need all those little bits and pieces? Do they truly add beauty to your room or are you holding on because you are loath to let go? Everything in your space must serve you in some positive way. Holding onto things chains your mindset just as much as letting go frees you up. Be brave, clear your space and clear your mind! Give unnecessary trinkets away to a loving home where they will experience the pleasure of appreciation. Doing so creates clarity and peace of mind by turning your bedroom into your happy place.

Bin it

Finally, keep a small dustbin in an unobtrusive corner of your bedroom. In so doing, you can discard any tissues or paper in an instant. In addition, throw all expired or empty pill boxes away immediately. Furthermore, make-up that is old and unusable must go into the bin. The same applies to anything else that is not practical anymore.

What lurks under your bed?

Oh, the awful monster under the bed. In truth, it usually takes the shape of dust balls or unwanted junk. Do not let this be the area that fills your room and your mind, with cobwebs. Moreover, the perfect state of mind is a sweep and a charity box away.

Step 2 – Time for a scrub

Turn your bedroom into your happy place by giving it a proper wash.

Spring clean mania

Nothing beats a room that is sparkly clean and fresh. As you walk in you feel a certain upliftment of the soul regardless of what mood you are in. Therefore, cleaning your room from top to toe is one of the best investments you can make.

Banish bedding to the tub

Firstly, throw bedding into the tub for a good soak. In addition, now is when you could splash on a cheap tin of whitewash if you don’t feel you should spend much on paint. Walls are part of your background palette. Hence, a great colour choice is paramount. If in doubt, go for white, a lovely blank canvas. Alternatively, choose a gentle beige if you are ready for a mild makeover. Besides, your bedroom colour choice must be calming. Reds and oranges stimulate and soft colours soothe the soul. Conversely, yellow activates the mind and a calm off white colour quietens the atmosphere. Alternatively, scrub the walls with sugar soap to refresh your old paintwork.

Fabulous floors

Next, clean the tiles and carpet until they look new. Making use of natural cleaners adds a great feel and freshness. Enabling you to turn your bedroom into your happy place in tune with nature. Bicarbonate of soda and lemon or vinegar are excellent cleaning materials. However, test a small area before you use anything unfamiliar on your carpet. Tranquility is an essential element when you turn your bedroom into your happy place.

Hidden places

Finally, remember to scrub shelving and cupboards. In addition, be sure to thoroughly clean both sides of the cupboard doors. After your thorough cupboard clearout and clean-up, have some fun. The instant gratification you get when beautifying the shelves is extremely fulfilling. Make use of pretty pre-sized sticking paper or get a small roll in a pattern that uplifts you every time you see it. Avoid garish and bold, peaceful is the way to go in your bedroom. In addition, choose something that lightens your heart every time you see it. Having a beautiful cupboard can turn your bedroom into your happy place.

Step 3 – Your beautiful bed

The nightly mattress

The one place not to scrimp, is with your bed and bedding. Most importantly, get a bed that suits your individual needs. Moreover, you must have a bed that embraces you with comfort as you walk in the door. Great beds are an investment that repay you in wonderful slumbers every night. Sufficient sleep leads to an increase in happiness and productivity. Therefore, since good sleep is vital for body and mind, a fabulous mattress is a priority. Which bed works best for you? For side sleepers, a softer mattress is more appropriate. Unusually tall people require mattresses with extra length. Perhaps your back issue is as a result of a bad mattress and a solid firm choice is best. Do some research on the internet or speak to the expert sales person in a top mattress shop. The ideal mattress can turn your bedroom into your happy place.

Clean and pristine

Possibly your mattress is perfect, yet needs a deep clean? In that case, here is the perfect solution. Take it outside, spray thoroughly with pure vinegar and sprinkle liberally with bicarbonate of soda. Thereafter, leave for 2 hours and vacuum thoroughly. Allow to dry and repeat on the other side and stains and odours will be a thing of the past. You may have to sleep on the couch for a night, but a fabulously fresh mattress is certainly worth it. After your mattress purchase or deep clean, there is one more outlay to make regarding your bed. Moreover, a touch of shopping to turn your bedroom into your happy place, is well worth it.

Cosy covers

Naturally, duvets, pillows and sheets are important items. Being totally at peace while you sleep is everything. Focus on natural fabrics such as organic cottons, bamboo or hemp. Besides, synthetics do not breathe, causing sweat, fungal growths and worse. Moreover, breathability and softness will ease you into alpha state. In addition, utilize waterproof mattress and pillow protectors for ultimate, long-lasting cleanliness and protection. Knowing you are bacteria, fungus and dust mite free at night will turn your bedroom into your happy place.

Step 4

Decorate minimally

Whether you prefer cosy or pure minimalism, choose every object you wish to display with care. Conscious placement of every item gives your room a beautiful feel and turns your bedroom into your happy place.

Step 5

The final touches

Lastly, the right scent has magical effects on your mood. So, use your favourite natural aromatherapy oil or herbal incense to evoke happy memories. Bedrooms that smell divine, feel sublime. As a final touch, have your favourite peaceful sounds playing softly in the background. Your room is complete! Music is the food of the soul and there is nothing more you need to turn your bedroom into your happy place.

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