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What’s Inside a Silentnight Bed?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Along with all the other amazing benefits they offer, and the top quality name they uphold, Silentnight also has an innovative spring technology that adds to their list. Ergo coil is a new spring design found to have a variety of great support, durability and comfort benefits.

This cross-laced design is made of a single continuous length of wire for each row of springs, ensuring up to 50% more surface coverage. This system also has no knotted coils, ensuring a noise-free, good night’s rest. Ergo coil mattresses support different body weights, provide excellent back support to give you the correct spinal alignment and sleeping posture, and their consistent firmness results in very little motion transfer (no disturbance from your sleeping partner). The Ergo coil system is manufactured by and environmentally-aware company.

Silentnight ranges all have a variety of different characteristics. These characteristics are combined in specific different ways to give you each of the unique bed ranges, and each characteristic has its own special benefits…

  • Luxurious circular knit fabric: ensures durability, gives luxury comfort, takes the shape of your body contours.
  • Circular knit fabric with Silver Argentum: is based on real silver, is a highly effective form of moisture management, gives an antibacterial finish.
  • Visco elastic gel foam: (memory foam), ultimate in support and comfort, takes the shape of your body.
  • Latex: ultimate in support and comfort, known for its recovering properties.
  • Comfort layers: extra support and comfort.
  • Eco-friendly insulation: protects the comfort layers from the hard springs, gives long-lasting comfort and support, made from recycled material.
  • Zoned pocket technology: makes the mattress firmer in the middle which adds support to the centre 3rd of the mattress, provides excellent back support, helps eliminate motion disturbance.
  • Active support technology: the coils instantly adjust to sleep movements.
  • Heat-treated springs: enhances the spring properties, ensures proper spring strength, ductility and performance.
  • Fine wire technology: successfully engineered low diameter wire.
  • Padded non-turn side: protects the base of a spring system for longer-lasting support.
  • Base: provides excellent support to the mattress for long-lasting comfort and support.
  • Ergo coil technology: double the coil count, more surface coverage, support for different body weights, maintains the correct spinal alignment, has a consistent firmness, reduced partner disturbance.



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