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What type of sleeper couch should I buy? A buyer’s guide

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Sleeper couches are one of the main interior trends right now. Incredibly versatile and useful, these furniture pieces are quickly becoming a staple item in most houses. Having a furniture piece that can easily transform from a couch to a bed hosts many benefits. So, whether you’re just starting out or looking for an upgrade, there will most certainly be sleeper couches for sale to suit your needs!

Types of sleeper couches explained

Grey couch with two blue scatter cushions on it in front of a window

At The Mattress Warehouse, we stock a wide range of affordable sleeper couches to suit your individual needs. The most popular sleeper couches are roll-out, pull-out and click-clack.

What is a Roll-out Sleeper Couch?

A roll-out sleeper couch easily transforms into a bed by making use of a built-in rolling mechanism. The seating area easily rolls out onto its feet, while the back cushions are used for upper support. These couches can transform into a single, double or queen bed depending on the size of the actual couch. Most of these furniture pieces at The Mattress Warehouse work with the roll-out mechanism. 

With a built-in rolling mechanism, this couch easily transforms into a bed!

A roll-out sleeper couch can be a perfect addition to the individual looking for effortless transformation from couch to bed. As you can see in the video on these products, minimal effort is required to change this sofa from couch to bed. 

What about roll-out sleeper couch prices? These furniture pieces vary from high-end to entry-level prices and can, therefore, suit the capabilities of most buyers. Furthermore, this sleeper couch is very easy and effortless to use. Therefore, this would be the perfect addition to the homes of both young and old!

What is a Pull-out Sleeper Couch? 

Pull-out sleeper couches work with the same principle as those of the roll-out counterparts, but the mechanisms differ. Where a roll-out sleeper couch makes use of tracks and wheels to do most of the transformation work, a pull-out sofa may require more effort. These sofas also transform from their feet. However, instead of rolling out, you’ll have to manually pull out the bed to its shape.

When left as a couch, the structure of the bed is folded up like a concertina underneath the seating area (kind of like a lazy boy). As soon as you pull on the lower part (feet) of the sofa, you’ll be able to pull out the lower part of the sleeper. Next, use the back cushions to transform the upper part of the sleeper into a fully-fledged bed.

Since the mechanism is more simple and requires more effort, these sleeper couches are usually a bit less pricey than their roll-out counterparts. Therefore, this couch can be a great option for the young adult or couple wanting to upgrade from their current seating arrangement. What’s more, without taking up any extra space, you’ll always have an extra bed for friends and family to crash on.

What is a Click-Clack Sleeper Couch?

This type of sofa bed gets its name from the unique sound it makes when it’s transformed from bed to couch. This furniture piece is conveniently lightweight, easy to assemble and versatile in its uses. It features as a couch by day and can be transformed into a comfy sleeping surface at night.

Get the trend click-clack sleeper couch today!

These beds are extremely cost-effective and, therefore, a great option for the student, young adult or young couple just starting out in life. Alternatively, this can also be a great addition to a kids’ bedroom! With its simple design, this sleeper couch takes minimum effort to transform from a comfortable seat to a satisfying sleeper! In a few steps, your guests or your children’s friends will have a comfortable surface to spend the night.

Get your Sleeper Couch today!

Person making an online purchase

Trust The Mattress Warehouse if you want to buy a sleeper couch. Whether you’re upgrading or just starting out, these marvellous pieces of furniture can complement any room in the house. What’s more, you’ll save time (hassle-free setup of the sleeper) and money (a bed and sofa in one!) in this purchase. 

So, if you’re set on one, please feel free to place your order with us today! Alternatively, have a look at all our other roll-out, pull-out or click-clack sofa’s here.

As the last word, feel free to contact our friendly sales team should you have any questions or requests – they’re there for you. From The Mattress Warehouse, we wish you a happy shopping experience!

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