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Why Bunk Beds are the Smart Choice for a Kid’s Bedroom

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Are you looking for a creative and imaginative bed design for your kids’ room, but at the same time you want something that saves floor space and is not too expensive? The answer, ladies and gentlemen, are bunk beds! Known for their versatility and practicality, bunk beds can be used in various bedrooms. And especially in your growing family’s children’s bedroom! As leaders in the bedding industry, The Mattress Warehouse decided to show you the benefits of having a bunk in your kid’s room, while also giving sage advice about your child’s sleeping safety. Go ahead, read on.

What child’s age is appropriate for bunk beds?

The truth is, bunk beds have so many great advantages that they can be used for almost all ages. Having said that, it is not advisable to make a toddler younger than six years of age sleep on the top bunk. Upward of six, children, teenagers and even young adults can still benefit greatly from bunk beds.

You might be wondering, are bunk beds suitable for my child’s age? If you have a couple of kids and the oldest one is turning six soon, then yes, invest in a bunk bed. Let’s say you have a child of six, a child of four and another one is due soon. You can get a bunk bed now that will serve all three of your children for years to come. Think about it, four years from now the eldest will want his/her own room, the middle one will be craving that top spot and the youngest one will want to share a room with the siblings. With one bunk bed, you can save a lot of money and floor space (more on that later), and give your children a safe sleep environment. And don’t think your kids will outgrow it. Teenagers love having friends to sleepover. With a bunk bed, they can do that with ease.

We must implore you though, young children (and their parents) need to be aware of sleeping safety. As the design includes one bed stacked upon another, accidents can surely happen. Check out these safety tips to avoid any accidents.

Check out these age appropriate bunks

Cool steel for teens

Minimalist and functional. A great choice for adolescents, students, or young adults sharing a room. Steel double bunk beds are practical because they are sturdy and usually easy to assemble. They are also generally less expensive and can go well with a steampunk-themed teenage bedroom. Most steel bunk beds come without a guard railing at the top, so don’t get one of these for your primary school kids.

The classic wooden bunk

Wooden bunk beds just bring a different vibe to the bedroom. They are aesthetically pleasing and go well in children’s rooms because they are easy to decorate. You can even paint them to fit in with the general theme of the bedroom. And with wooden ladders attached to the bed, it is almost as if your child has a jungle gym in the bedroom. What’s not to like? Moreover, our entire range of wooden bunk beds come with guard railings for the top bunk, so you can rest easy that your child will sleep safely.

Tri-shaped, for larger families

This is an interesting choice and somewhat different from your traditional bunk bed. Normally, a bunk bed will consist out of two single beds stacked on top of each other. With the tri-shaped bunk bed, the bottom bed is a bit larger than the top. The tri-shaped bunk provides the bedroom with some additional sleeping space, ideal for triplets sleepovers.

Here’s a quick comparison of the three types of bunk beds for sale we mentioned above:

Steel bunk beds
Easy to assemble
Ages 12+
Wooden bunk beds
Aesthetically pleasing
Easy to decorate
Safety rails
Ages 6+
Tri-shaped bunk bed
Aesthetically pleasing
More sleeping space
Great for sleepovers
Ages 6+

4 Great benefits of bunk beds in kid’s bedrooms

Bunk beds add flair to children's bedrooms. In this picture a girl is standing with outspread arms in front of her pink themed bunk bed.
You can easily style your bunk bed to fit in with the theme of your child’s bedroom

Children like something that can add flavour and excitement to their lives. Even if it is in their bedrooms. You would want to invest in a bed that will, on the one hand, spark children’s interests and, on the other hand, will be durable. Bunk beds do just that! Here are a few reasons just why you need to get one in your child’s room:

Space saver for small children

More often than not,  children’s bedrooms are a bit smaller in their early childhood years. Many siblings also share rooms during that time until they get a bit older. As bunk beds do not take too much floor space, they work well for those who want to save some space.

Inexpensive option

Another reason why bunk beds should be on top of your list is their affordability. Due to the nature of their design and styles, you will find that you generally pay less for bunk beds than you would for two single beds. This also accommodates those who want to spend a bit less.


When you hear the word bunk bed what is usually the first thing that comes to mind? Two beds stacked on top of each other, right? These genius designs of bedframes fitting on top of one another make it extremely practical. This is exactly why they are used in places like the military, hostels, and, of course, children’s rooms.

Thematic and stimulating

Let’s face it, it’s much more exciting for your child to climb up a ladder or jump into that cosy lower den. If you had a bunk bed growing up, you most likely recall playing games in and around your bunk. What’s even better are the creative designs, types, and colours to choose from!

Bunk beds for sale and free delivery

Bunk beds are practical, affordable, and sparks a child’s imagination. Every child just has to have one. At The Mattress Warehouse, we have many bunk beds to choose from for your children. You can look into the single bed bunk bed range for something simple and elegant. Alternatively, if you want more sleeping space for your kids, you can look at the more interesting Tri-bunk option. Place an order online from the comfort of your own home and receive free shipping at your doorstep!

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