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Why buy a Serta Memory Foam Mattress?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

The Serta Mattress Range

How does a memory foam mattress that’s internationally recognised, has a very long life, and never sleeps too hot, sound? That sounds like a Serta mattress to me. Serta is the original patentee of cooling gel in memory foam mattresses, and they have operated since 1933, becoming one of the most popular and widely used U.S. mattress manufacturers, right up there with Tempur Pedic (which are also popular in South Africa). A little bit more about Serta mattresses might make you see that a Serta bed is going to be the perfect bed to suit you and your bedroom, giving you the night’s sleep you deserve, or that a Serta bed is not for you: whatever you decide, we want it to be an informed decision on your part.

How it works

How it works

How cooling gel works (and if it works!): Cooling gel is either infused into the memory foam as little beads or mixed with the foam itself before it sets. The gel absorbs body heat and transfers it away from the body out of the mattress. It has been proven to make mattresses significantly cooler.

Serta is well known for their large range of models and different choices regarding comfort, from firm to plush, with memory foam and latex and everything there is to offer in the bed world. Below is some information regarding their range iSeries as there are too many beds in each range to even start discussing them all. The iSeries is a hybrid bed, meaning it mixes innersprings for support with foam comfort layers.

Sleeping restfully on a Serta!

The iSeries Prominence Firm:

This bed falls under the firm category: ie, perfect for back and side sleepers, and it uses memory foam with pocket coils. It has a layer of memory foam infused with cooling gel on top, a layer of high-density support foam, and then individually wrapped pocket coils at its core.

Calibre Super Pillow Top: 1. memory foam, 2. supporting foam, 3. memory foam, 4. supporting foam, 5. memory foam, 6. pocket coils.

The iSeries Vantage Plush:

This bed is a gentle-firm feel (between firm and plush) and would be perfect for side sleepers. It has a memory foam top layer, a softer foam supporting layer, and pocket coils core.

1. is memory foam, 2. is soft supporting foam, 3. is the pocket coils.

The iSeries Calibre Super Pillow Top:

This bed has three different layers of memory foam and falls under the plush category (great for stomach sleepers). In between the layers of memory foam are soft supporting foams, and the core of the mattress is supported by pocket coils.

The layers: 1. is memory foam, 2. Is high density foam, 3. is memory foam, 4. is high density foam, 5. is the pocket coils.

The mattresses I have talked about above are just one range of those offered by Serta, and a sample of that range only.  The iSeries range is not available in South Africa, but other memory foam mattresses by Serta are available and sold by us. The Mattress Warehouse sells Perfect Touch mattresses, which are from the SertaPedic range, which has memory foam. To enquire, call 0861 007 000 and we will gladly assist you in finding the best headboard or bedroom accessories. Alternatively, browse our online store to order bedroom products such as a Serta bed, mattress or headboard. We also sell other hybrids, like the Silentnight continuous coil memory foam beds, various other memory foam beds, as well as memory foam pillows, latex pillows, and normal pillows, all with an option to buy 100% cotton pillowcases and sheets with quality rated thread counts. In other words, we have everything you could need, so don’t visit 10 different stores, just place your order online and we’ll deliver for free to your door.

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